Will Thor Get A New Weapon in Avengers: Infinity Struggle?

Warning: SPOILERS for Thor: Ragnarok are forward!

Thor has been round over a millennia within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however he is undergone super character growth in simply the final a number of years. He discovered his humility within the first Thor film, he discovered to work with different mighty beings within the Avengers motion pictures, and he was clever sufficient to not take the Asgardian throne in Thor: The Dark World, realizing that he wasn’t prepared but to be a ruler. Thor: Ragnarok, nevertheless, arguably marked Thor Odinson’s greatest growth but, and it began with the lack of his trusty hammer, Mjolnir. Now that Mjolnir is gone and Thor is extra highly effective than ever, it begs the query of if the God of Thunder will wield a brand new weapon when he returns subsequent yr in Avengers: Infinity War. For proper now, the reply to that question seems to be sure, though it is unclear if that can stick.

As was proven within the Thor: Raganrok teaser trailer again in April, Hela immediately destroyed Mjolnir when our principal protagonist challenged the Asgardian goddess of dying (although this surprising scene was shifted from a New York alleyway to a field in Norway for the finalized theatrical minimize). Imprisoned on Sakaar quickly after, Thor made due with the weapons supplied by Grandmaster for gladiatorial fight, however as we have seen in Thor’s earlier MCU appearances, these are however mere trinkets in comparison with what Mjolnir was able to in battle.

Quick-forward to Thor: Ragnarok‘s climactic battle on Asgard, Thor was quickly overpowered by Hela, shedding an eye fixed within the course of (like father, like son). After struggling this harm, Thor had a imaginative and prescient of the now-deceased Odin, who informed him that Asgard is a individuals, not a spot. When Thor said that he could not defeat Hela with out Mjolnir, Odin reminded him that he is not the God of Hammers, however the God of Thunder, and that Mjolnir was solely a conduit for his powers, not the supply of them. With this realization, Thor was ready to attract upon the complete may of his thunder powers and even the enjoying subject in opposition to Hela. It took having to free Surtur and permitting the Ragnarok prophecy to move to defeat Hela (ensuing within the destruction of Asgard after its individuals had been evacuated), however now we’ve got an eye-patched Thor who has full management of his talents, making him much more highly effective than Odin, in line with the All-Father.

Which brings us to Avengers: Infinity Struggle, the place Thor can be among the many many superheroes battling Thanos and the Black Order. Thus far the one factor we all know particularly about Thor’s involvement in Infinity Struggle is that he’ll run into the Guardians of the Galaxy early on, as revealed within the D23 footage this previous summer time. Nonetheless, concerning Thor’s weaponry, again in February, Marvel posted an Avengers: Infinity Struggle behind-the-scenes video, and one piece of idea artwork confirmed Thor combating alongside Rocket Raccoon, solely Thor seemed like he was armed with an axe, as you’ll be able to see under. This video was launched months earlier than the Thor: Ragnarok teaser trailer, so this was our first indication that Mjolnir would not be round for for much longer. There’s additionally priority for Thor utilizing an axe, as he is been utilizing Jarnbjorn within the comics ever since he was deemed unworthy and misplaced the power to make use of Mjolnir following the Unique Sin occasion.

Thor and Rocket Raccoon in Avengers: Infinity War

So the place does this depart Thor weapon-wise? Between his enhanced thunder talents and pure tremendous power, it isn’t like he wants to make use of a weapon to tear via his enemies. Nonetheless, Thor is a warrior, and it isn’t like wielding an axe would make him any much less formidable in battle. Nonetheless Thor obtains this axe in Avengers: Infinity Struggle, we anticipate he’ll be capable of do a good quantity of harm with it, nevertheless it stays to be seen whether or not this can be a brief or everlasting weapon. We additionally should not low cost the likelihood that Mjolnir might one way or the other be reformed sooner or later. Given Thor’s enhancement, him utilizing it once more can be extra out of familiarity than necessity, so maybe as an alternative of returning to the God of Thunder, Mjolnir might discover a new wielder, paving the best way for the introduction of Beta Ray Invoice, a female Thor or another person thought of worthy sufficient to own the ability of Thor (however not all of his energy).

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We’ll see what’s in retailer for Thor and a lot of the MCU‘s different main heroes when Avengers: Infinity Struggle is launched on Could four, 2018. Within the meantime, preserve checking again with CinemaBlend for extra information about that film, and you’ll want to learn our Thor: Ragnarok review.

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