Why Riverdale's Black Hood Thriller May Not Be Solved But

Riverdale is at the moment on hiatus, and all of the promos for the midseason premiere to point the Black Hood is not any extra. In fact, many followers are skeptical that Joseph Svenson was the precise Black Hood, and it will seem they’re now vindicated by a Riverdale star who feels the identical. Betty Cooper actress Lili Reinhart agreed with skeptics that the thriller behind the Black Hood won’t be solved simply but, and revealed how she discovered of the killer’s identification earlier than followers witnessed it within the midseason finale:

I discovered after I received the script. Clearly, Svenson wasn’t even a personality [on Riverdale] till episode seven, so that you did not even know who this individual was [until then]. So there was no method you can have predicted that. However even capturing the episode…I do assume that Svenson wasn’t actually the Black Hood, and that the state of affairs isn’t actually over. I feel there’s rather more to it, no matter it could be. I do not assume the Black Hood thriller is totally solved simply but.

So for any Riverdale followers nervous they received stiffed with a lame reveal, take solace in understanding Lili Reinhart is not shopping for the revelation that Joseph Svenson was the Black Hood. That is not a shock to most followers, as there was simply an excessive amount of that did not add up between Svenson’s motivations and issues that have been occurring on the present. For instance, how did the janitor that was simply launched a pair episodes earlier than know Betty was into Nancy Drew, and why did he wish to kill Moose and Midge?

So far as who she thought the Black Hood actually is, Lili Reinhart did not share any theories with Glamour. As unbelievable as it could appear that the Riverdale actress has no thought who the killer is, Reinhart swears she has no clue. Whether or not or not she’s telling the reality, Reinhart does lay out why she thinks Joseph Svenson is not the man:

…Should you’re eager about why Svenson would do this, it will be as a result of he simply has a vendetta in opposition to the city. I imply, one will need to have a very huge grudge on Fred. Fred wasn’t essentially doing something flawed [when he had a thing with Hermione]. He wasn’t together with his spouse anymore. I feel there are loads of questions behind the motive, and that is what makes you query whether or not that was actually the Black Hood or not.

Lili Reinhart’s quote makes it sound like she thinks Hiram Lodge has a hand on this Riverdale thriller, which might is sensible. Whereas he won’t have been the person to tug the set off, there isn’t any denying he’d profit from the violence across the city. Specifically, it precipitated folks to cease visiting Pop’s Diner, subsequently making him extra prone to promote. Lodge additionally had the added bonus of wounding the person that slept together with his spouse whereas he was locked up, which he is been unreasonably calm about since returning. Then once more, Hiram simply paid Fred Andrews’ medical payments (by power), and conceded he wanted him for the following stage of the Lodges’ plan. So maybe Reinhart is off in assuming this complete factor is about Fred.

Riverdale returns to The CW Wednesday, January 17 at eight:00 p.m. ET. For extra data on what different exhibits will likely be returning in 2018, you’ll want to go to and bookmark CinemaBlend’s midseason premiere guide. These nonetheless wishing to see what’s out there within the closing days of 2017 can discover out at our fall premiere guide. Anyone curious as to what exhibits have been canceled this previous yr can discover out at our cancellation guide.

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