Why Lucasfilm Ought to Keep Away From Evil Luke

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The plot of Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been nothing wanting mysterious, inflicting rise to plenty of fan theories making an attempt to piece collectively varied footage and promotional supplies into “conclusions.” One such principle is the concept the true villain of The Final Jedi can be revealed to be Luke Skywalker. This theory is backed largely by the truth that posters and different supplies present Luke in a nefarious pose and lighting that’s greater than just a little harking back to how Star Wars villains are positioned on posters. Fairly skinny. It is unclear if that is what Lucasfilm is definitely planning on doing, however I can inform them this: they should not contact Evil Luke with a 10-foot lightsaber.

There is not any actual proof that Lucasfilm is planning to have Luke go dark or what that might even entail, however Luke’s positioning on posters is suspiciously villainous. It is powerful to cloak a man in a hood with pink and shadows and never assume him a villain. A few of this could depend upon the precise circumstances, however there are only a few explanation why making Luke a villain is a good suggestion and much more about why it is a horrible one. Here is why Lucasfilm ought to keep away from turning their flagship hero into the villain of Star Wars: The Final Jedi.

There Are Already Loads of Evil Skywalker’s

Have not we reached our evil Skywalker quota by now? Turning to or being tempted by the dark side is a Skywalker staple, however there’s such a factor as diminishing returns. Darth Vader famously fell from grace to turn out to be one of many biggest villains of all time, solely to be saved by his son. Ben Solo, Luke’s nephew, additionally could not deny the darkish aspect and have become the tortured Kylo Ren. Luke himself was as soon as tempted by the darkish aspect, however he discovered to overcome his anger. It is all very a lot “been there, executed that”. It is exhausting to think about a Darkish Luke storyline that has extra to say that something that was already mentioned by Vader. The Final Jedi already has Ren, Snoke and the First Order as villains anyway. Plus, hasn’t Leia been by way of sufficient with out her personal brother going rogue?

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