Why Diggle's Large Secret On Arrow Might Spell Catastrophe For Star Metropolis

Warning: spoilers are forward for Episode three of Arrow Season three, “Subsequent of Kin.”

Arrow made a giant change in Season 6 when Oliver made the choice to cross on the legacy of the Inexperienced Arrow to his longtime accomplice and finest bro John Diggle. There is no character within the Arrow-verse extra deserving of taking up the mantle of the Emerald Archer of Star Metropolis than Diggle, however the timing was fairly unlucky. Oliver passed on the hood simply earlier than Diggle was going to admit that he had degenerative nerve damage in his dominant hand. Solely Dinah knew that Digg was compromised within the discipline.

In “Subsequent of Kin,” we noticed Diggle hit the streets as the Green Arrow (though with out using any arrows); by the tip of the episode, it grew to become clear that he was holding an excellent greater secret than we thought, and this can be a secret that might spell catastrophe for Star Metropolis. As a substitute of admitting his nerve harm to the remainder of the staff, Diggle is shopping for black market medication which are apparently enabling him to energy previous his tremor.

Arrow did not specify simply what precisely Diggle is shopping for and injecting himself with, nevertheless it’s clearly sufficient to beat the consequences of the tremor that had stored him from firing his gun and having his teammates’ backs within the discipline. On the one hand, it is nice for Diggle that he has a technique to regain his full energy and preserve doing the work that he loves. Alternatively, it is unlucky that he is apparently doing one thing very sketchy to make his restoration occur.

If this substance he is injecting himself with was one thing authorized and/or protected, he most likely would not be doing it in secret. In addition to, there have to be unwanted effects. A drug so miraculous that it even quickly fixes the signs of degenerative nerve harm is just too good to be true, and it would not be bought out of black briefcases in critically sketchy alleys if the whole lot was on the on the up and up. The truth that he is satisfied even Dinah that the tremor is not an element implies that Workforce Arrow seemingly feels a false sense of safety in his skills.

In any case, Diggle appears to have an association about choosing up the meds from his provider, and that would not be the case if he did not need to often dose himself. The drug clearly wears off; if it wears off at an inopportune second when Digg is not in a position to take one other dose, lives might be misplaced. Throw in the truth that Oliver simply set the legislative wheels in movement to place the legality of vigilantism to a city-wide referendum, and there is a lot at stake. If the Inexperienced Arrow begins to mess issues up for the town as a result of his tremor pops up on the incorrect time, the complete staff (and his household) may face the implications. Add on the FBI investigation courtesy of Samanda Watson, and Diggle’s life is not going to get any simpler the longer he retains this secret from his teammates.

Solely time will inform. New episodes of Arrow air on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Subsequent week seems to be to be bringing Black Siren back in a giant manner, and it ought to be attention-grabbing to see how she reacts to a really totally different Inexperienced Arrow than she’s used to.

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