Who’s the largest Trekkie within the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ forged? – Video

Who’s the largest Trekkie in that forged?
I believe Anthony Rapp.
[LAUGH] I believe all of us had that reply.
Anthony, Anthony.
Anthony Rapp.
Anthony Rapp.
Anthony Rapp.
Properly, I’ll say although, that I believe Anthony is
Probably the most effectively versed geek of all of us.
I do not know why I needed to yell it.
Why did I’ve to yell it?
I do not [LAUGH]
I suppose myself.
I imply
The minute he bought the half
He dove headlong and I believe he is watched the whole lot now.
He went DVD field units.
He watched the whole lot.
And simply because he is happy with it, and goes for it.
Who’s the largest Trekkie?
Positively not [UNKNOWN], okay?
We’re all Trekkies now to be
To be sincere.
There was one time we have been having dinner and I used to be like, you realize what, nobody right here, yeah.
We’re all geeks [LAUGH]

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