Who That Girl In The Final Of Us Half II Trailer Might Have Been

Numerous hypothesis has run rampant on boards, dialogue threads and social media concerning the buff and lethal lady featured in Naughty Canine’s newest cinematic trailer for The Final of Us Half II. Nicely, some individuals have been in a position to cross out a couple of names and hone in on who it might have been. Many consider it is Ellie’s mom.

The favored web idea with probably the most help on the Last of Us sub-Reddit is that it was Ellie’s mom. That is the conclusion many individuals have come to after watching the trailer and piecing collectively the clues.

Why do they consider that the lady was Ellie’s mom? Nicely, the primary main level of rivalry is whether or not or not she was about to be killed by that cult she was part of for being pregnant. How do we all know she’s pregnant? Nicely, we do not. Nevertheless, many consider that when the older lady strings up the buff soldier woman and prepares to disembowel her with the knife, she says “They’re nested with sin.”

Some took that line to imply that she was being gutted for being pregnant, probably for extra-marital relations. Others poked holes in that idea as a result of there are additionally males that we see who’ve additionally been lynched and gutted, with their entrails hanging out. Some argued that that is simply how this explicit cult inside The Last of Us Part II operates, whereas others consider that the crime for this lady is instantly associated to the potential of her being pregnant.

Throughout the authentic timeline of The Last of Us, Ellie was solely 14, and so she was born six years after the plague broke out. Many consider that time-wise it could make sense that the lady may very well be Ellie‘s mom.

That proof has additionally been coupled with the truth that Naughty Dog launched everybody’s identify within the trailer aside from the lady who was about to be hanged. We all know that actress Laura Bailey is voicing her however we do not know who she is since her identify was blacked out by 4 clean areas, kind of like what you see beneath.

Die exhausting followers of The Last of Us presumed that since there have been 4 black areas it might relate to the identify being “Anna”, Ellie’s mother. The truth that they revealed the voice forged and different characters however not this explicit character identify means she clearly performs a really important function within the sport’s story.

Some individuals virtually ran with the speculation that maybe it was a buff and mature Ellie a few years down the road. Possibly she had turn into hardened and joined a cult. Nevertheless, that idea was rapidly put to relaxation when Naughty Canine’s sound designer Robert Krekel chimed in on a Twitter feed to clarify (and probably sprint the hopes and goals of some) that the girl within the trailer being strung up was not Ellie.

The factor is, we do not even know if that lady survives the assault on the finish of the cinematic trailer for The Last of Us Part II. All we see is right here, the Asian lady and the younger boy with the bow and arrow getting ready for an incoming assault. Something might occur. Clearly, if she dies then it isn’t Ellie’s mother. Nevertheless, one factor stands sure above all else: we simply have to attend for extra info.

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