What The Cyborg Solo Film Will Focus On

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Warning: some gentle SPOILERS forward for Batman v Superman: Daybreak of Justice and Justice League! You have been warned!

Although it was one of many earliest movies introduced when the DCEU slate was initially unveiled within the lead-up to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we’ve not heard a lot about Cyborg not too long ago. Nonetheless, Silas Stone actor Joe Morton not too long ago addressed the standing of the movie and defined that it could not solely nonetheless occur, however it may additionally shine a light-weight on the origin story of Victor Stone (Ray Fisher) earlier than his transformation into Cyborg. Morton mentioned:

From what I perceive, there will likely be a Cyborg film. It is going to be about him and I, and in regards to the household that he got here from, how he turns into the Cyborg, et cetera. However from whence he got here, as properly. I feel it’s extremely thrilling. I feel it is thrilling as a result of there aren’t that many, if any, black superheroes, and in his case specifically, as a result of there is no such thing as a alias, as a result of there may be nothing for him to cover behind, and that he must be who he’s on a regular basis.

The earliest canonical footage (a.okay.a footage that made it to the large display screen) that we’ve to work with for Cyborg is the Batman v Superman: Daybreak of Justice flashback showing his transformation as he fused with the Mother Box. From there, all Justice League‘s theatrical lower defined to us was that Vic was in an accident crippled him and killed his mom. With the Cyborg film (if it does certainly occur), the plan seems to be to dive into the specifics of that incident and supply up a extra strong emotional throughline on Vic’s path to acceptance of his new function as Cyborg.

The emphasis on Victor Stone’s backstory in his solo film may additionally go a good distance in the direction of explaining why sure scenes did not make it into the theatrical lower of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Among the most notable omissions from the movie that audiences may see within the trailers concerned flashbacks to Vic’s life earlier than his accident, together with a number of of him as a soccer star in a Gotham Metropolis faculty.

At this level, no one appears to know if we are going to ever get a Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, but when the parents at Warner Bros. intend to dive into Cyborg’s origin story throughout his solo film, then it implies that these lower sequences may nonetheless make their into the DCEU in some unspecified time in the future. This might contain reshooting them or merely repackaging the present footage to be used within the Cyborg film, however both means, it appears logical to imagine that many followers would love the possibility to see a better take a look at the metallic hero’s origin story.

One different factor famous by Joe Morton’s remarks to ET in regards to the Cyborg film is the truth that it stands out for its positioning of a black superhero with out a secret id. The DCEU hasn’t provided a middle stage for a black comedian e-book character to take the limelight but (not to mention one who’s publicly often called a hero), and it feels like that is a selected dynamic that Morton is worked up to discover as they look at Vic’s full origin story.

The Cyborg solo film was slapped with a 2020 launch window when it was first introduced, however given so many current behind-the-scenes changes at DC and Warner Bros., we are going to be certain that to maintain you up to date if that modifications. As for the following installment within the DCEU, be certain that to be careful for Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry when James Wan’s Aquaman premieres in theaters on December 21!

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