US Air Pressure at 70: From early jets to stealth plane

This was one of many extra intimidating plane of the 1950s, the Convair B-36 Peacemaker. All through that decade, it was the Strategic Air Command’s main supply system for nuclear weapons, and it was mentioned to have the vary to achieve any goal and return with out refueling. It was large, too — 163 ft lengthy, with a 230-foot wingspan and a bomb bay the scale of 4 railroad freight automobiles.

The distinctive look got here from the B-36’s rear-facing pusher propellers (an echo of the very earliest planes from the likes of the Wright Brothers). Starting with the D mannequin, this brute added a pair of jet engines towards the outer reaches of the wings, to supply bursts of velocity. After this level, all new designs for strategic bombers could be simply jet-powered.

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