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Gated reverb—the sharp, gunshot drum sound that defines a lot of ’80s pop—was the results of an accident. On a scale that runs someplace from “slipping on ice and discovering 1 / 4” to “letting your petri dishes get moldy and discovering penicillin,” the most effective drum tones ever invented charges someplace close to the highest (no offense, medical science).

A video from Vox’s Earworm collection tracks the inception of the sound, illustrating how one studio slipup created a way that will type the bedrock of a decade’s pop hits.

Because the video exhibits, gated reverb is the results of a contented mistake throughout a session for Peter Gabriel’s 1980 album Soften. The drum observe, performed by Phil Collins, was picked up by an overhead compressor mic that was solely meant to permit musicians within the studio to speak to the engineers and producer within the sales space. The outcome was a sound that will go on to characteristic as a noticeable texture in songs like Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” and Prince’s “I Would Die four U.”

Vox does an important job of explaining the technical background of the recording method, explaining how the impact’s been achieved over a long time of developments in know-how and utilized in pop songs starting from ’80s classics to trendy tracks by Carly Rae Jepsen, CHVRCHES, and Lorde.

For extra examples, there’s additionally this Spotify playlist by Earworm’s Estelle Caswell, appropriately titled “An Ode To Gated Reverb.” Pay attention for your self and benefit from the drum sound whose energy has resisted a altering world much better than antibiotics (critically, no offense, medical science).

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