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“The Waking Dream” was probably the most entertaining episode of The Mist’s first season, which, at this level, is a bit like saying a root canal is your favourite invasive surgical procedure as a result of it requires the least quantity of stitches. It’s not the “finest” episode; it lacks the optimism of the pilot, and the storytelling continues to be all around the map. However since there are solely so some ways to jot down the phrase “this is senseless,” let’s give attention to the constructive proper up entrance. Specifically, that this episode made me wish to spend extra time with Kevin. I by no means wish to spend extra time with Kevin. Kevin is without doubt one of the most aimless characters on a present that bought its map kicked into the river a very long time in the past, consistently saying with a straight face how badly he needs to get to his household whereas repeatedly stopping the automobile on the best way to a mall that critically can’t be quite a lot of cease lights away.

However this episode (written by Amanda Segel and directed by Nick Murphy) did two quite simple issues that elevated the character momentarily. For one, Kevin’s plotline gave the impression to be the primary time The Mist was actually about the mist. The eery fog wasn’t simply the factor hovering outdoors the window whereas these inside murdered one another over Hostess truffles, and it wasn’t a spooky set-dressing for the primary characters to stroll via any time they need. It felt like an precise impediment, suffering from horror imagery extra terrifying as a result of there isn’t a rational clarification for it. How did a girl discover herself impaled to a tree with a 9 iron? There’s no time to clarify, as a result of for as soon as there’s a way of urgency to Kevin, and he has to will himself previous these unexplainable terrors with out stopping to rationalize them. It’s easy rigidity constructing: Deep breath, outdoors, again inside, repeat.

That’s the opposite factor: The Mist lastly gave one among its characters a aim, an precise aim, past staring out a keyhole and monologuing about their pre-mist previous. There was no pit stops, no planning right here; Kevin was a person on a mission, determined to reunite along with his household it doesn’t matter what Vic—who hopped out of the automobile off-screen as a result of he noticed an antenna, however no matter, we’re being constructive—or the mist needed to say. “The Waking Dream” cleverly places this concept to movie. Kevin has been standing in his personal approach for 9 episodes, so naturally he has to beat within the brains of a mist-created doppelganger to lastly set out on a straight path.

And wouldn’t you already know it, that components—motivation + obstacles—resulted in me rooting for a personality on this present to do one thing aside from die or depart the scene. I hate to maintain utilizing this phrase, nevertheless it’s such a easy thought—a father preventing in opposition to the supernatural to reunite along with his household— nevertheless it works, no random flashback episodes or horribly dealt with rape plots required. Right here, I wished Kevin to succeed, to get again to his household, to traverse the mist, and make it the mall earlier than Adrien does. Keep in mind, Adrien is loopy now. An actual monster.

Sorry, we’re being constructive.

Sadly, positivity normally fades away after we return to the happenings contained in the mall, that are nonetheless an absolute mess of inconsistent storytelling and shoddy performances. The survivors are rabid, calling for blood as a result of a young person allegedly bludgeoned a full-grown girl to dying. I’m not even certain Alex might attain the highest of Shelley’s head, however the shaky, clearly false testimony of Gus is sufficient for a full-blown looking get together to assemble. The result’s lots of empty noise. Gunshots and shouting. Characters who I’m comparatively certain have by no means been correct names working after a younger woman and her mom beneath a shopping mall.

Darren Pettie (Picture: Spike TV)

It’s not even dangerous, actually. There are moments so awkwardly overblown that they spherical again to being humorous, like Gus weakly whacking Eve within the abdomen with a baseball bat for insinuating he was mendacity. However there’s simply nothing to any of it. It’s simply loud, barren house the place emotion must be. With only one episode left, The Mist continues to be as weightless as its namesake.

Take, for instance, what happens within the sewers, which Connor Heisel is aware of just like the again of his hand as a result of he’s been down there “a few times.” Trevor falls down a service ladder, gruesomely fracturing his leg. His spouse, Ursula, petitions to hold him, and Connor disagrees. So enraptured by Nathalie’s teachings is he that Connor stabs Ursula and pushes down the ladder, the place she and her husband or horrifically devoured by rats. And I really feel…nothing. Who’re these folks, apart from the 2 rubes who let Nathalie burn a church full of individuals alive final week? Their homicide is simply lifeless air. It’s white noise. Keep in mind Worry Issue? Getting via the deaths of Trevor and Ursula is like watching contestants eat bull testicles on Worry Issue; I register that one thing nauseating is going on, nevertheless it means nothing to me the second the digital camera cuts away.

Stray Observations

  • Make no mistake, the romance between Bryan and Mia is as unearned as unearned will get. However the scene between them within the sporting items retailer was oddly candy; well-acted by each Danica Curcic and Okezie Morro, in order that this was the primary time you got these two as survivors coming collectively within the wake of a tragedy, not simply characters being mashed collectively for plot functions.
  • The ultimate observe of the episode, with Wes revealing that Bryan is his commanding officer, is intriguing headed into the season finale. Nevertheless it additionally rang a bit hole, as a result of Wes was not performing in any respect like an individual who knew the person sitting throughout from him till, in fact, the second the twist wanted to occur. That’s a problem The Mist struggles with usually. It is aware of the jolt it needs to elicit, and doesn’t give a rattling the way it will get there.
  • No complaints about Kevin nonsensically surviving a grenade blast. At this level, the extra ridiculously over-the-top a Mist scene is, the higher.
  • Should you should return and watch this episode, please take note of the bag of meals that Eve throws to Jay. That factor bounces upright so completely it seems like CGI. Even Jay seems at it like he’s amazed.

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