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Should you’ve any curiosity in politics, rapping clowns, and/or the intersection of the 2, you’ve most likely heard by now that the Nationwide Mall has been double-booked on September 16, with the pro-Trump “Mom of All Rallies”—presumably named to honor the moms who might be dropping protesters off on the march—set to collide with ICP’s deliberate Juggalo March on Washington. The Juggalo march is in protest of the FBI’s classification of ICP followers as a “loosely organized hybrid gang,” a label organizers say has unfairly value Juggalos jobs and custody of their kids, and inspired police harassment of Juggalos.

Save for this one difficulty, ICP just isn’t an explicitly political band, and there are some pro-Trump Juggalos. However the overlap between the Juggalo March and rabid Trumpies is more likely to be minimal. Juggalos view their group as a loving household that accepts everybody simply as they’re, which is the other of what Nazi pricks—or, as they like to be recognized, “white nationalists”—advocate. And, within the unlikely venue of a Time journal editorial on final yr’s wave of creepy clown sightings, ICP’s Violent J had this to say in regards to the clowns in Washington:

These clowns threaten the very cloth on which our nation was supposedly based upon—and for some f—ing crazy-a– motive, they’re getting away with it. From keystone-cop clowns capturing unarmed residents, to racist clowns burning down Islamic facilities or clowns within the NSA spying on us via our cell telephones and laptops, America has was one thing way more terrifying than Insane Clown Posse’s Darkish Carnival.

So maybe it shouldn’t be an excessive amount of of a shock that radical leftist Juggalos are mobilizing on-line in opposition to the Trump supporters who’re giving clowns a nasty title. A type of organizers runs a Twitter account referred to as Struggalo Circus, “a ragtag and messy coalition between radicals and juggalos“ which began in June with this tweet:

And distributed these Protesting 101 flyers at this yr’s Gathering:

We’ll give “whoop whoop.” Struggalo Circus additionally has a Fb group, and the feminist Juggalo group Lette’s Respect has emerged to advocate for Juggalette rights. The remainder of the Juggalo motion is much less organized, however a fast search of the most important Juggalo March on Washington Fb occasion turns up plenty of left-leaning political posts, from the eloquent—”All irony apart, Juggalos are true working class folks struggling beneath the exploitive capitalist system and I might be proud to face with ya’ll in opposition to the wealthy elite class ruining our society and trashing our world. Can I get a whoop whoop”—to the extra easy— “looks as if they’re attempting to lump us in with folks spouting hate. We have to are available with a powerful message of Juggalo Love.”

This all goes down on September 16, when the “M.O.A.R” march is about to kick off at 11 a.m. on the Washington Monument, and the Juggalo March at midday on the Lincoln Memorial, based on Consequence Of Sound. That’s once we’ll see if Juggalos actually are able to, to cite ICP’s 1992 music “Your Insurgent Flag,” “shit on a motherfuckin’ Insurgent flag.”

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