The Purpose For Father Gabriel's Sickness On The Strolling Useless May Be Extra Apparent Than We Thought

Spoilers beneath for the newest Strolling Useless episode, titled “The Massive and Scary U.”

Season eight of The Strolling Useless has not been a lot of a joyride for Father Gabriel, who was left stranded inside the walker-swarmed Sanctuary by Gregory, and shortly discovered himself sharing confessions with Negan. Once we final noticed him, he was a shivering and sweaty mess inside one of many Sanctuary’s cells, inflicting many followers to surprise how he managed to get so sick in such a comparatively quick period of time. Some, like me, figured a walker chunk needed to be concerned, however one idea factors to a different trigger that appears apparent in hindsight: he is affected by radiation poisoning.

All through these early Season eight episodes, The Strolling Useless has seemingly arrange its story to take care of a giant chemical risk of come sort. It was on the Saviors’ chemical plant outpost that Ezekiel’s Kingdom crew obtained slaughtered, and it was exterior that location that we noticed all these upturned and emptied barrels, with assumed poisonous waste spilling out into the small creek and surrounding space. Contemplating these barrels have seemingly been there for an extended whereas, in addition to the truth that walkers have been blindly bumbling by means of that toxic glop for so long as it has been there, it is definitely attainable (inside the typically non-scientifically strict parameters of The Strolling Useless) for there to be tons of or hundreds of contaminated walkers roaming the areas surrounding the Sanctuary.

If that is the case, then it is inside the realm of chance that at any time when Negan and Father Gabriel lined themselves in affected walker guts of their try to get again to the Sanctuary’s principal constructing, the latter had hostile reactions. At this level, we all know that characters who get a little bit of walker blood of their system do not flip into zombies, however we’re in no way positive what occurs at any time when toxified walker blood enters the equation. Simply by touching it and placing it on his pores and skin, Father Gabriel might have unwittingly poisoned himself. We technically did not get to witness all of his issues at any time when Eugene went to test on him, however radiation poisoning does trigger signs to indicate pretty rapidly, and Father Gabriel may very nicely have been nauseous and affected by complications and a fever, inflicting him to sweat buckets.

As one Redditor identified when sharing this idea, it is attainable (and even seemingly) that Negan and the Saviors don’t have any clue in regards to the poisonous waste that is presumably making all these roaming walkers much more harmful. However Negan does appear to know that going all gut-covered for walker strolls is one thing that may make individuals sick, although he would possibly simply assume it is to do with walker blood normally.

I virtually hope this poisoning angle is certainly what’s taking place with Father Gabriel, since it will be extremely disappointing if The Strolling Useless did not comply with by means of on the poisonous waste dumping in any fascinating methods past exhibiting off what Greg Nicotero’s proficient results group is able to. In addition to making followers dream in regards to the present bringing Shiva back as a radioactive zombie. (Name it Chekov’s Poisonous Waste Dump.) Not that I essentially need Father Gabriel to endure this type of destiny, and I positively do not need to watch a future Strolling Useless season the place all of the characters are with most cancers, however I simply need to see one thing fascinating occur with all this.

Understanding how The Strolling Useless likes to time its storylines, we seemingly will not meet up once more with Father Gabriel for one more couple of weeks, and presumably not till the midseason finale. And even then, will the present even clarify what’s affecting him? Will they get Dr. Carson again to the Hilltop for Maggie, or will Eugene’s allegiance to Negan be too robust for that?

Discover out a few of these questions and extra when The Strolling Useless airs each Sunday evening on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET. To see every thing else on TV that is not too poisonous for human beings, head to our fall TV premiere schedule and our 2018 midseason premiere schedule.

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