The New Dying Stranding Trailer Makes As A lot Sense As You&#zero39;d Suppose

Hideo Kojima, Norman Reedus and Guillermo Del Toro all made appearances final night time at The Sport Awards 2017. Avid gamers suspected new trailer would drop on condition that the 2 administrators and actor was exhibiting up on the occasion, and avid gamers weren’t incorrect. In truth, the brand new trailer for Dying Stranding clocked in at practically 10 minutes and made about as a lot sense as you’d suppose.

The trailer begins with a shot on the floor, some bugs scurrying away, and Norman Reedus‘ character (who’s named Sam) in a futuristic hazmat swimsuit. The phrase “Porter” is plastered throughout the helmet, the sleeve, and the facet of his pants leg.

He has some technical gear on his again, which we briefly get to see as he makes his option to his ft after apparently being thrown from a tipped-over, 4×4 analysis car. The rover-esque off-roader has enlarged wheels for shifting throughout harsh, uneven terrain, however no matter occurred simply flipped it over on its facet.

What’s most shocking right here is that Reedus’ character is not alone. Two of his cohorts are struggling at he tipped over roadster. One in every of his companions is trapped beneath the rover. And that is the place Death Stranding will get bizarre… actually bizarre.

Reedus tells the duo to cease respiratory after he checks on a physique wrapped up in a bag. Why would he say that? As a result of considered one of them yells out that one thing is coming. The shoulder-mounted radar on the one scientist’s swimsuit begins whirring, and a lightweight shines on footprints being made by an invisible creature. It will possibly apparently observe individuals based mostly on their breath.

Nonetheless not bizarre sufficient for you? Nicely, Kojima ramps up the symbolism and space-age imagery when a large Eldritch being seems, and begins sucking the whole lot up. This happens after some black goo makes an attempt to steal away the one scientist trapped below the rover. The scientist is killed by his companion earlier than the goo can take him to wherever it is attempting to get to, although. After killing his companion, and dropping a capsule into the mud — the identical capsule we noticed Guillermo Del Toro’s character holding in a earlier Dying Stranding trailer — the scientist with the gun makes an attempt to kill himself when arms start reaching out of the mud to take him. Earlier than he can pull the set off the enormous alien tries sucking him up. The scientist begins repeatedly stabbing himself to commit suicide earlier than being sucked up.

And if you happen to suppose all of that’s bizarre, Death Stranding would not take a break from giving your thoughts a spin across the carousel of kookiness when Reedus finally ends up underwater, sees some our bodies floating to the floor, witnesses one other Eldritch monster take some our bodies, after which he wakes up when a child in his throat provides a thumbs up on the digital camera. I am not even kidding.

The entire thing was so weird that even Norman Reedus talked about on the TGAs that he would in all probability need to go on YouTube to look at some movies to know what he simply noticed, or possible go to the sub-Reddit to fish out some believable theories in regards to the recreation. Primarily, if you happen to actually favored the strangeness from Metallic Gear Strong, however ramped as much as 11, it seems you will get that in spades with Kojima Productions’ newest title.

There’s nonetheless no launch date for Dying Stranding, however it’s set to come back out for the PS4 and PC when it is accomplished.

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