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The primary little bit of tonight’s episode is absolutely good, not less than. It’s an irresistible premise: Within the wake of Invoice’s give up on the conclusion of “The Pyramid At The Finish Of The World,” the Monks have insinuated themselves into Earth’s historical past, fooling humanity into pondering these invaders have been our species’ benevolent guardians since we first crawled out of the ocean. In that process, they’ve the assistance of the Physician, who has emerged as chief propagandist for the brand new regime. In actuality, individuals have solely endured six months of this dystopia, however half a yr continues to be lots lengthy for individuals to endure, to lose hope, even to activate each other and turn out to be prepared puppets of the Monks. Inserting Invoice on the middle of that story immediately remembers episodes like “The Final Of The Time Lords” and “Flip Left,” which equally compelled companions to endure hellish journeys via damaged alternate worlds. What energy Invoice can’t discover in herself she as an alternative locates in two individuals: Her created reminiscence of the mom she by no means knew, and the Physician she trusts to come back save her and the world.

The latter hope is brutally dashed when she and Nardole launch their rescue effort, solely to find a Physician who isn’t pretending to have joined the Monks—you already know, till all of it seems to be one other intelligent Physician trick. Earlier than attending to that although, it’s price recognizing simply how fascinating this prospect of a heel flip for the Physician is. His argument to Invoice is brilliantly constructed, as loads of the person points of it are true—historical past warns in opposition to fascism and fundamentalism, humanity retains making the identical errors again and again, be at liberty to combine in present-day applicability as you’re feeling acceptable—but the general message is so completely, horribly mistaken. Invoice is completely proper when she says the Physician’s total level via his many lives has been to champion freedom and self-determination, making it inconceivable he would ever truly be a part of the Monks and help their conquest. To make this the precise, unaltered Physician can be to violate the core of the character, so the episode has two choices: Both the Physician is faking it, or his thoughts has been altered by the Monk’s. Possibly in a manner that brings his worst, most cowardly impulses to the forefront, so what we’re seeing is not less than a model of the Physician, or possibly outright management by the Monks. However these are the alternatives.

And “The Lie Of The Land” makes the mistaken alternative. And I do know, it’s probably not my place as a critic to make that decision. I’m not about to rewrite the episode—my throwing round concepts a pair sentences in the past was possibly an excessive amount of already. Put it like this: Having the Physician reveal it was all a trick to check Invoice wasn’t working for the Monks lets a ton of air out of the story, as we instantly swap from Invoice and Nardole going through the prospect of saving the world with out the Physician to the Physician reestablished as rattling near all-knowing and omnipotent, so sensible are his stratagems. This would possibly truthfully be the hazard of getting an actor as sensible as Peter Capaldi in the principle function. His large vary and desire for underplaying scenes has let the writers put the character in unfamiliar conditions, whether or not it’s his obvious disregard for humanity’s free will right here or his naïve however well-intentioned compassion for Davros in “The Witch’s Acquainted.” These moments open up new horizons for the Physician, however in each instances the tales finally chickened out, not being ready to discover the true ramifications of the principle character exhibiting such weak spot. Capaldi can play all these moments brilliantly, however the present isn’t prepared to commit as arduous as he’s.

There’s one other price to how this episode will get itself out of the seemingly unattainable predicament with the traitorous Physician: Invoice pulls a gun and shoots a person she cares about deeply, somebody she gave up the whole lot to avoid wasting and made promise he would save the world. Shouldn’t which have some penalties, psychologically talking? The episode does a little bit of narrative sleight of hand right here, with Invoice immediately transferring all of the anger she feels at being so brutally deceived into a fast little bit of comedic fury directed at Nardole, however that simply elides the trauma that basically ought to come back from taking pictures an in depth buddy. I received’t harp on this, as a result of I’ll admit it’s solely after watching the episode (and discussing it with fellow AV Clubber Allison Shoemaker for our podcast) that I noticed simply how large a beat the episode skips right here. But it surely’s symptomatic of the hazard of doing a fake-out regeneration—which I don’t need to say was simply accomplished to offer a surprising second for the trailers, however it seems prefer it—the place Physician Who favors large, memorable moments over the emotional realities that ought to underpin them.

I notice I’ve spent loads of time on the opening part of the episode, partly as a result of my tackle many of the non-Missy sections of the remainder of the episode is, “Eh, it’s simply type of there.” The Monks themselves develop into simply in regards to the weakest, most feckless baddies in Physician Who historical past, as they went to all the difficulty of simulating all human historical past to be ready for each chance after which turned and ran the second issues obtained somewhat powerful? Positive, a part of the purpose is that there are literally barely any Monks on Earth, so the ability of coercion is all they actually have going for them, however this nonetheless performs as such an anticlimax for monsters who got two episodes’ buildup. Neither the Physician nor Invoice correctly talks to a Monk at any level in tonight’s episode! That appears like an oversight. As for all of the stuff with the troopers and the assault on the pyramid, it’s all principally tremendous, the sort of factor that received’t sink episode but additionally received’t elevate a mediocre one.

Turning to the climax, wherein Invoice’s false reminiscence of her mom proving instrumental to toppling the Monks… yeah, I’m guessing lots of people are going to hate that one. It’s near a canonical instance of the much-despised “energy of affection” ending that crops up quite a bit in Steven Moffat’s Physician Who—whereas that label will be overused, it suits right here. I’m somewhat extra okay with it, if solely as a result of there’s some character work happening right here. In spite of everything, the beginning of the episode arrange Invoice’s must imagine the Physician would save the day, so it’s counterpoint to have Invoice take issues into her personal arms and threat what she believes to make certain demise. That the reminiscence of her mom saves her might even match into all this, as that reminiscence was beforehand arrange as her different main supply of energy amid the occupation, however that facet stays undercooked. Largely, credit score has to go to Pearl Mackie right here and all through this episode, as her efficiency brings out emotional nuance and actuality the underlying story struggles to seek out.

“The Lie Of The Land” might have been an awesome story, however most of its finest moments really feel like paler retreads of higher tales. The climax remembers River’s sacrifice to avoid wasting the 10th Physician in “Forest Of The Lifeless.” As flawed because the ending of “The Final Of The Time Lords” is—and my goodness, is it ever flawed—it finally ends up committing extra to its dystopian imaginative and prescient, as does “Flip Left.” Maybe the closest match for this episode is “The Wedding ceremony Of River Music,” which proves more proficient at flitting from wild thought to wild thought, together with a fake-out regeneration, whereas paying simply sufficient consideration to character work for the factor to not simply really feel like an unabashed show of narrative pyrotechnics. (Folks would possibly disagree with that evaluation, admittedly.)

So as an alternative tonight’s episode performs primarily as a showcase of three performances. There’s Pearl Mackie, who comes rattling shut to creating the entire thing work regardless of herself. There’s Peter Capaldi, who’s as nice as ever however whose skills are typically misused in service of concepts the story received’t decide to. After which there’s Michelle Gomez, who’s reliably nice as Missy. Whereas her efforts to show good can’t probably final, she makes level when noting she might simply have escaped the Vault a long time in the past if she weren’t sincerely making an attempt to find a greater a part of herself. The episode is simply too busy with different issues to construct an excessive amount of on this, however she presents an interesting distinction between her model of goodness—a utilitarian one, constructed on fixing the massive drawback even when a number of lives get misplaced alongside the best way—and what she calls the Physician’s narcissistic perception that each life issues and he can save all of them. And whereas it sits exterior the remainder of the episode, the epilogue wherein she experiences the guilt of each life she has taken is an efficient reminder of the present’s willingness to take possibilities and discover new areas.

It’s only a disgrace that the 45 minutes earlier than that don’t display the identical ambition, particularly after two weeks of buildup. This isn’t fairly “The Pilot” or “Smile,” which have been episodes of reasonable ambition elevated by nice performances. That is nearer to a straight-up misfire, however there are sufficient intriguing concepts and moments of goodness to raise this above the tedious likes of an “In The Forest Of The Night time” or a “Sleep No Extra.” It’s not signal when that’s the usual I’m breaking out to guage an episode, however right here we’re.

Stray observations

  • For what it’s price, I did like how the Physician performed off his pretend regeneration, even asking Nardole if it was a contact an excessive amount of. I believe there’s a manner they may have made that scene work if the obvious stakes beforehand hadn’t been fairly so excessive.
  • So, listed here are the episodes Toby Whithouse has written for Physician Who: “Faculty Reunion,” “The Vampires Of Venice,” “The God Advanced,” “A City Referred to as Mercy,” “Underneath The Lake”/“Earlier than The Flood,” and now this. On stability, is he Physician Who author? I’d say there’s one all-time basic in there with “The God Advanced,” three stable entries, after which two pretty underwhelming entries in the course of the Capaldi period. He’s in all probability nonetheless working forward of, say, Mark Gatiss, who has written some actual stinkers in his time (and can also be doing subsequent week’s, so fingers crossed!), nevertheless it’s a extra combined bag than I might have as soon as thought.
  • I’m certain a few of my extra fastidious readers (and I say that with nice respect) could have ideas on the logical incongruities of the ending, as six months of struggling and terror are wiped away with no one remembering something. Past the query of how six months of misplaced time is supposed to work, absolutely all of the individuals who died in the course of the Monks’ occupation are nonetheless lifeless, to say nothing of those that survived the compelled labor camps. That each one feels distinctly messy.
  • Nonetheless, there was one unimpeachably beautiful second tonight, as Invoice requested the Physician why he places up with humanity, and he mentioned the presence of 1 individual like her in seven billion makes all of the others price placing up with. Capaldi and Mackie fantastically captured the heat of that scene, and all their work within the episodes up that time earned that second.

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