The Flash's Midseason Finale Trailer Places Barry Proper In The Thinker's Clutches

Delicate spoilers under for anybody who is not utterly caught up with The Flash by means of the four-show crossover episodes.

The Arrow-verse had a wide array of problems involving the “Disaster on Earth-X” crossover, however by the point the Nazi threats have been vanquished, happiness as soon as once more flourished for Workforce Flash, notablythe newlywed Barry and Iris. Sadly, the duo are as soon as once more dealing with the wrath of The Thinker when The Flash reverts again to standalone drama for its midseason finale. Try the brand new poofy-hair-raising trailer under.

Dammit, Barry! In spite of everything that breaking and getting into and stalking that the Scarlet Speedster beforehand did whereas making an attempt to show the connections between Clifford DeVoe and The Thinker, the tables have turned, and now the villain breached the hero’s private bubble and stole one thing, or somebody, because it have been. Should not have taken that mug, Barry!

“DeVoe! DeVoe! DeVoe!” I have to say, because the enjoyable and fancy-free early Flash episodes have been a stable set-up for the dramatic thrust that The Thinker’s storyline has delivered to Season four. These episodes aren’t overly darkish and doom-y like Savitar’s have been, and it is attention-grabbing to look at a villain persistently outthinking Workforce Flash like this, because it means victory will come to those that plan one of the best, slightly than those that run the quickest or blast the toughest. However how does Barry escape from an enemy who is aware of precisely how he’ll attempt to escape?

I am to see which Workforce Flash member is being threatened by The Thinker, since Barry is sort of upset concerning the prospect. We do see Cisco’s Vibing efforts getting busted up, and Iris is super-worried about him. (What’s up with Cisco simply being unconscious on a regular basis now?) However then we truly see Joe inside DeVoe’s residence asking about Barry’s disappearance, so he is the possible would-be sufferer right here. This is hoping somebody stops The Thinker earlier than he goes too far.

The trailer ends with The Thinker pushing some button on his chair that possible does one thing completely nefarious, or it is likely to be the “on” button for his holographic backgammon sport. Apparently Barry wasn’t fast sufficient to catch that arm like he was the opposite one. Does it look to anybody else like DeVoe’s pointer-finger is aiming for one thing a foot away from something on his chair?

So far as different notable bits go, Barry’s wild masks hair is nearly as loopy as him being taken captive by The Thinker. And what the hell, why would somebody destroy C.C. Jitters like that? What’s Caitlin taking a look at with such shock? Who did all that Christmas adorning in S.T.A.R. Labs, and can Cisco confer with them as The Wreather or one thing?

The Flash‘s midseason premiere will air on The CW on Tuesday, December 5, at eight:00 p.m. ET. The fast-footed sequence will then return from its hiatus on Tuesday, January 16, simply earlier than the series premiere of Black Lightning. Try all of the methods the Earth-X crossover has changed up the Arrow-verse, and to see every little thing else that is coming quickly, head to our fall TV premiere schedule and our 2018 midseason premiere schedule.

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