The Fascinating Method The Arrow-verse Crossover Will Use Wentworth Miller

DC Arrow-verse followers have been blasted with some unhappy information just a few days in the past when it was revealed Wentworth Miller could be filming his final episodes for The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow. Whereas it’s unlucky that the actor who made Leonard Snart a beloved character on each exhibits is exiting the Arrow-verse, there is a little bit of a silver lining to this chilly and darkish (however principally chilly) rain cloud. A synopsis for the upcoming four-way crossover has confirmed that Miller will seem as “Citizen Chilly” to assist our heroes defeat their new but familiar foes.

So who within the hell is Citizen Chilly? In DC Comics, Citizen Chilly is an alternate model of Captain Chilly created within the Flashpoint timeline. A protector of Central Metropolis, Citizen Chilly was the equal of The Flash, and even had a museum in his honor. So primarily, Wentworth Miller’s return as Citizen Chilly will probably be as a full-fledged hero, though it is just a little problematic as to how he’ll emerge, given the present state of The Flash.

We have seen the Flashpoint timeline in The Flash, and if reminiscence serves, there was no Citizen Chilly working round and saving Central Metropolis. That mentioned, with the doppel-invaders and The Ray hailing from Earth-X, it will be somewhat simple to introduce Citizen Chilly as a hero of Earth-X. In spite of everything, that world incorporates an evil Oliver Queen and a plethora of different heroes taking villainous turns, so is it actually exhausting to imagine that world’s Leonard Snart would use his chilly gun for good?

It’d even be a good way to ship off Wentworth Miller, as this storyline prevents one more distinct return for Leonard Snart, and thus limits any additional connections Miller has to the prime Arrow-verse world, being his ultimate episodes. Sadly, nothing we have seen signifies how a lot of the four-part crossover Miller will probably be concerned in, however one can speculate his character would possibly at the very least make an entrance in some unspecified time in the future throughout The Flash or Legends Of Tomorrow part, for the reason that character would not actually have any robust connections to Supergirl. Having mentioned that, the crossover has been mentioned to be more cohesive this time round, and fewer particularly on no matter present is airing and , so it is fully doable Citizen Chilly may pop up within the first episode.

The large Arrow-verse crossover is presently scheduled to kick off with Supergirl on The CW on Monday, November 27th at eight p.m. ET. For extra on the crossover, learn up about how the occasion will probably be a big moment for the Danvers sisters, or how this crossover is alleged to have high emotional stakes. For extra on upcoming unreleased fall programming that is value catching up on within the meantime, go to our fall premiere guide or see what exhibits have been cancelled in 2017.

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