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5 most helpful Google House instructions


The Google House is a $130 (£130 or AU$199) good residence speaker that showcases the artificially clever, voice-activated Google Assistant. It helps you to set timers, management lights and thermostats, play trivia video games, watch YouTube movies and extra — all with easy voice instructions.

Google hasn’t launched a full record of instructions for House, so we needed to do our greatest to assemble and take a look at all the things we might consider. If we’re lacking something, make sure that to depart it in a remark so we will replace the record as we go. This is the (virtually) full record of voice instructions for the Google House to date.

Editors’ notice: Initially printed Nov. three, 2016, this text is repeatedly up to date to incorporate new Google House options and instructions.

Summoning the Google Assistant

You’ll be able to start a dialog with the Google House by merely saying, “OK, Google,” or “Hey, Google.” Summoning the Google Assistant in your cellphone works the identical method, however your account will know to solely reply on one of many units, even when each hear you.

Conversational instructions

The Google House means that you can ask traces of questions which can be linked. As an illustration, you could possibly say, “Hey, Google, play ‘Lose Your self to Dance.'” Then, “OK, Google, what album is that this from?” Then, “Hey, Google, play that album.”

Although you are not utilizing the title of the album, Google Assistant understands the context and provides the reply.

Fundamental instructions

  • Ask for assist: “OK, Google, assist.”
  • Management the amount: “OK, Google, flip it up,” “OK, Google, Louder” or “OK, Google, Flip it to 11.” (Sure, the max is 11.)
  • Halt an motion: “OK Google, cease,” “Pause” or “Be quiet.”

String two instructions collectively

Google not too long ago enabled a brand new function on Google House which lets you converse two consecutive instructions in a single sentence. For instance, you’ll be able to say issues like, “Alexa, play Hammock on Spotify and set the amount to 10” or “Alexa, what is the climate and activate the lounge lights.”

Virtually any two of the above instructions can be utilized collectively, however some instructions will solely work when phrased a particular method. To make issues simpler, you should utilize the voice shortcut function to pair two instructions utilizing a brief phrase. As an illustration, you could possibly set the shortcut phrase to “Time to scrub” for the longer model, “OK, Google, play Between the Buried and Me and set the amount to 9.”

Your day

  • Hear your every day briefing: “OK, Google, inform me about my day” or “OK, Google, good morning.” (This features a personalised greeting, data on climate, site visitors, reminders, calendar entries, flight standing and curated information tales.)
  • Climate: “OK, Google, how’s the climate in the present day?” or “OK, Google, do I want an umbrella in the present day?”
  • Visitors: “OK, Google, what’s site visitors like?”
  • Create a reminder: “OK, Google, remind me to The entire record of Google House instructions to date on [day] and [time]” or “OK, Google, remind me to The entire record of Google House instructions to date day-after-day at [time].”
  • Play reminders: “OK, Google, what are my reminders?” or “OK, Google, what are my reminders tomorrow?” or “OK, what’s my reminder for [title}?”
  • Delete reminders: “OK, Google, delete my reminders for tomorrow” or “OK, Google, delete my reminder to The entire record of Google House instructions to date” or “OK, Google, delete all of my reminders.”
  • Verify notifications: “OK, Google, what’s up?” or “OK, Google, what are my notifications?”
  • Create a brand new calendar occasion: “OK, Google new calendar occasion” or “OK, Google, add [event] to my calendar” or “OK, Google, schedule [event] for me on Saturday at eight p.m.”
  • Listing subsequent calendar occasion: “OK, Google, what’s subsequent on my calendar” or “What/the place/when is my subsequent assembly?”
  • Listing calendar occasions for a day: “OK, Google, record all occasions for January 1,” “OK, Google, what’s on my agenda for in the present day?” or “OK, Google, what’s on my calendar for Friday?”


  • Math: “OK, Google, what’s 354 instances 11?” or “OK, Google, 546 plus 406?”
  • Depend: “OK, Google, depend to 20.”
  • Measurements: “OK, Google, what number of liters are in four gallons.”
  • Roll a die: “OK, Google, roll a die” or “OK, Google, roll a 12-sided die.”
  • Flip a coin: “OK, Google, flip a coin.”
  • Random quantity: “OK, Google, give me a random quantity between 5 and 50.”
  • Foreign money conversion: “OK, Google, how a lot is 100 Euros in ?”


  • Time: “OK, Google, what time is it?”
  • Time in different places: “OK, Google, what is the time in London?”
  • Alarm: “OK, Google, set an alarm for [time]” or “OK, Google, set an alarm for day-after-day at [time].”
  • Snooze alarm: “OK, Google, snooze alarm.”
  • Cancel alarm: “OK, Google, cancel my alarm for [time].”
  • Timer: “OK Google, set a timer for [time].”
  • A number of timers: “OK, Google, set a second timer for [time]” or “OK, Google, set a pizza timer for [time].”
  • Verify timer: “OK, Google, how a lot time is left on my timer?”
  • Cancel timer: “OK, Google, cancel my timer.”


  • Recipes: “OK, Google, how do I make [dish]?”
  • Uber: “OK, Google, order an Uber.”
  • Tune an instrument: “OK, Google, tune my instrument” or “OK, Google, play an F sharp.” (In case you do not specify “flat” or “sharp,” you have to say “notice” after stating which notice you need Google House to play, corresponding to “play an A notice.”)
  • Keep in mind issues: “OK, Google, do not forget that I put my passport within the submitting cupboard” or “Do not forget that my password is ‘cash’.”
  • Recall remembered issues: “OK, Google, the place is my passport?” or “What’s my password?”
  • Location: “OK, Google, the place am I?”
  • Translations: “OK, Google, how do you say [word] in [language]?”


  • Shares: “OK, Google, how are Alphabet’s shares doing?”
  • Phrases: “OK, Google, what does [word] imply?”
  • Spelling: “OK, Google, spell [word].”
  • Particular occasions: “OK, Google, when is [event]?” (Easter, for instance.)
  • Folks: “OK, Google, who’s [person]?”
  • Info: “OK, Google, how tall is [person]?”
  • Issues: “OK, Google, what’s [thing]?”
  • Locations: “OK, Google, what nation is [location] in?”
  • Animal sounds: “OK, Google, what does [animal] sound like?”
  • Distance: “OK, Google, how far is [business name] from right here?”
  • Eating places: “OK, Google, what are the closest eating places to me?”
  • Companies: “OK, Google, are there any [business type] round right here?”
  • Enterprise data: “OK, Google, how late is [business] open?” or “Is [business] open now?”
  • Quotes: “OK, Google, give me a quote” or “OK, Google, give me a love quote.”
  • Medical data: “OK, Google, what’s a torn meniscus?”
  • Energy: “OK, Google, what number of energy are in [food item]?”
  • Authors: “OK, Google, who wrote [book title]?”
  • Inventors: “OK, Google, who invented [item]?”


  • Get voice buying directions: “OK, Google, how do I store?”
  • Order gadgets from Google Categorical: “OK, Google, purchase dish cleaning soap.”
  • Reorder a beforehand bought merchandise: “OK, Google, reorder Outdated Spice deodorant.”
  • Add to buying record: “OK, Google, add [item] to my buying record.”
  • Verify buying record: “OK, Google, what’s on my buying record?”


  • Play music: “OK, Google, play some music” or “Play some [genre] music.”
  • Play ambient sounds: “OK, Google, assist me chill out” or “OK, Google, play white noise” or “OK, Google play forest sounds.”
  • Play an artist or tune: “OK, Google, play [artist]” or “Play [song].”
  • Play a tune by lyrics: “OK, Google, play the tune that goes, ‘Is that this the actual life?'”
  • Play a Google Play playlist or album: “OK, Google, play some indie music” or “OK, Google, play [album].”
  • Ask what’s enjoying: “OK, Google, what tune is that this?” or “OK, Google, what album is that this?”
  • Get extra data: “OK, Google, when did this album come out?”
  • Quick ahead and rewind: “OK, Google, skip ahead two minutes” or “OK, Google, skip backward 30 seconds.”
  • Play music on Spotify: “OK, Google, play [artist] on Spotify.”
  • Play music on Pandora: “OK, Google, play [artist] on Pandora.”
  • Like or dislike a tune on Pandora: “OK, Google, dislike this tune.”
  • Play music on YouTube Music: “OK, Google, play [artist] on YouTube.”
  • Play stations on TuneIn: “OK, Google, play [station] on TuneIn.”
  • Pull up lists on YouTube: “OK, Google, let’s take a look at what’s trending on YouTube on [TV name].”
  • Play a film or TV present on Netflix utilizing Chromecast: “OK, Google, play [show or movie title] on the [TV name].”


  • Activate/off the TV with Chromecast: “OK, Google, activate the [Chromecast]” or “OK, Google, flip off the [Chromecast].”
  • Play music by means of different audio system utilizing Chromecast ($35.00 at Dell House): “OK, Google, play [song] on [Chromecast].”
  • Play movies on YouTube utilizing Chromecast: “OK, Google, play on the [Chromecast].”
  • Play and pause Chromecast: “OK, Google, play/pause [Chromecast].”
  • Cease Chromecast: “OK, Google, cease [Chromecast].”
  • Scrub the Chromecast: “OK, Google, skip to 5 minutes on [Chromecast]” or “OK, Google, skip ahead/again two minutes on [Chromecast].”
  • Change Chromecast quantity: “OK, Google, set [Chromecast] quantity to 50 %” or “OK, Google, quantity down on [Chromecast].”
  • Mute Chromecast: “OK, Google, mute [Chromecast]” or “OK, Google, unmute [Chromecast].”


  • Sports activities updates: “OK, Google, who’s [team] enjoying subsequent?” or “OK, Google, did the [team] win final night time?”
  • Sports activities scores: “OK, Google, what was the rating for the final [team] sport?”
  • Staff data: “OK, Google, inform me about [team].”
  • Films: “OK, Google, what motion pictures got here out final Friday?”
  • Casting for motion pictures: “OK, Google, what actors are in [movie]?”
  • Exhibits by community: “OK, Google, what exhibits are on [network]?”


  • Get flight costs to a vacation spot: “OK, Google, how a lot is a round-trip flight to New York?”
  • Get flights with a particular airline: “OK, Google, discover me flights with Jet Blue.”
  • Verify in your flights: “OK, Google, when is my subsequent flight?” or “OK, Google, my flights in [month].”
  • Uncover locations to go to: “OK, Google, what’s there to see in Paris?”
  • Discover eating places to strive: “OK, Google, what’s the very best restaurant in Berlin?”

Good residence

Google House now works with greater than 1,000 units and over 150 manufacturers, together with August, Lifx, TP-Hyperlink and extra.

  • Flip good lights on/off: “OK, Google, activate/off my lights.”
  • Dim good lights: “OK, Google, dim my lights to fifty %.”
  • Change good bulb colours: “OK, Google, flip my lights [color].”
  • Management Nest thermostat: “OK, Google, flip the temperature to [temp].”
  • Make incremental temperature modifications: “OK, Google, increase the temperature 1 diploma.”
  • Management August Good Lock: “OK, Google, lock the entrance door.”
  • Activate the TV with Logitech Concord: “OK, Google, activate the TV.”
  • Change the channel with Logitech Concord: “OK, Google, flip the TV to the Journey Channel.”
  • Customise set off phrases for IFTTT. For instance: “OK, Google, let’s get this social gathering began.”


Google House can work together together with your cellphone in a variety of methods. It could actually place calls to anybody in your contacts record , discover your misplaced cellphone and even stream music out of your cellphone through Bluetooth.

  • Place a name: “OK, Google, name mother” or “OK, Google, name [contact name]” or “OK, Google, name the closest espresso store.”
  • Grasp up: “OK, Google, dangle up.”
  • Discover your cellphone: “OK, Google, discover my cellphone” or “OK, Google, ring my cellphone.”
  • Pair with Bluetooth: “OK, Google, Bluetooth pairing.”
  • Verify Bluetooth standing: “OK, Google, is Bluetooth lively?” or “OK, Google, is Bluetooth paired?” or “OK, Google, is Bluetooth linked?”
  • Cancel Bluetooth pairing: “OK, Google, cancel” or “OK, Google, cancel pairing.”
  • Clear paired Bluetooth units: “OK, Google, clear all units” or “OK, Google, clear all Bluetooth units” or “OK, Google, unpair units.”


When you have multiple Google House speaker in your house, you’ll be able to broadcast messages to all audio system (count on the one you give the command to) utilizing one of many built-in instructions. Or you’ll be able to create your personal broadcast message.

  • Get up: “OK, Google, broadcast wake everybody up” or “OK, Google, broadcast it is time to get up.”
  • Breakfast: “OK, Google, broadcast breakfast is prepared” or “OK, Google, broadcast breakfast is served” or “OK, Google, broadcast it is time for breakfast.”
  • Lunch: “OK, Google, broadcast lunch is prepared” or “OK, Google, broadcast it is lunch time.”
  • Dinner: “OK, Google, broadcast dinner is prepared/served” or “OK, Google, broadcast ring the dinner bell” or “OK, Google, broadcast it is supper time.”
  • Time to depart: “OK, Google, broadcast time to depart” or “OK, Google, broadcast time to get out.”
  • Arrived residence: “OK, Google, broadcast I am residence” or “OK, Google, broadcast I am right here.”
  • On the way in which: “OK, Google, broadcast I am on the way in which” or “OK, Google, broadcast I will be residence quickly.”
  • Film time: “OK, Google, broadcast it is film time” or “OK, Google, broadcast the film is about to start out” or “OK, Google, broadcast let’s go to the film.”
  • TV time: “OK, Google, broadcast the present is about to start out” or “OK, Google, broadcast it is time to watch TV” or “OK, Google, broadcast TV time.”
  • Bedtime: “OK, Google, broadcast time for mattress” or “OK, Google, broadcast it is time to go to mattress” or “OK, Google, broadcast sleep time.”
  • Customized: “OK, Google, broadcast/shout/announce/inform everybody [custom message].”

Third-party actions

Earlier this month, Google rolled out what it calls Actions for Google Assistant. These are third-party companies and integrations that work very similar to Alexa abilities, besides you do not have to activate them one after the other. Actions are enabled by default.

You could find the total record of Actions within the Google House app by going to Extra settings > Providers. Additionally, you will discover pattern invocations there, which is able to let you know work together with the totally different companies out there.

  • 21 Blackjack: “OK, Google, let me speak to 21 Blackjack.”
  • Greatest Dad Jokes: “OK, Google, speak to Greatest Dad Jokes.”
  • Domino’s: “OK, Google, speak to Domino’s and get my Straightforward Order.”
  • Product Hunt: “OK, Google, speak to Product Hunt.”
  • Tender: “OK, Google, can I speak to Tender about drinks like an quaint?”
  • Todoist: “OK, Google, inform me what my subsequent job is with Todoist.”

Poems and songs

  • Sing a tune: “OK, Google, sing me a tune.”
  • Sing Completely satisfied Birthday: “OK, Google, sing me Completely satisfied Birthday.”
  • Learn a poem: “OK, Google, learn a poem.”
  • Inform a narrative: “OK, Google, inform me a narrative” or “OK, Google, inform me a scary story.”
  • Sing a lullaby: “OK, Google, sing a lullaby.”
  • Sing nursery rhymes: “OK, Google, sing ABC” or “OK, Google, sing Yankee Doodle” or “OK, Google, sing Outdated MacDonald.”

Easter eggs

  • “OK, Google, at all times be closing.”
  • “OK, Google, what’s your quest?”
  • “OK, Google, I’m your father.”
  • “OK, Google, set phasers to kill.”
  • “OK, Google, are you SkyNet?”
  • “OK, Google, make me a sandwich.”
  • “OK, Google, up up down down left proper left proper B A Begin.”
  • “OK, Google, do a barrel roll.”
  • “OK, Google, it is my birthday.”
  • “OK, Google, it isn’t my birthday.”
  • “OK, Google, did you fart?”

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