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The Babadook is likely one of the greatest horror films of this decade, its story of a storybook monster made manifest by means of a girl’s rage and anxieties. It delivers each creative scares and potent metaphors. However, as a result of one’s artwork is now not their very own as soon as it’s launched into the wild, The Babadook itself is now serving double obligation as each a terrifying image of mortality and an out-and-proud homosexual icon.

When the memes started, Attitude journal attributed the Babadook’s new identification as homosexual audiences giving the movie a “queer studying.” Their take:

The ‘queering’ of movies happens when lecturers or audiences take movie characters with no specific sexuality, they usually ‘learn’ them as LGBT+, taking proof from the textual content. Alexander Doty famously envisioned The Wizard of Oz as a lesbian fantasy. In his e book Flaming Classics: Queering the Movie Canon, Doty envisions Dorothy as a younger lesbian, with the Depraved Witch and Glinda representing the “depraved butch and good femme” respectively.

Seems the true cause was a lot, a lot less complicated. BuzzFeed studies that it started final summer time, when some eagle eyes observed that the horror flick was being categorized as an LGBT film on Netflix.

The juxtaposition of a bug-eyed, charcoal sketch and the kaleidoscopic vibrancy of queer iconography appears to have clicked. On this sense, Perspective’s take is spot-on; there’s no clarification right here, no necessity or cause. The web has merely willed the Babadook’s sexuality into existence.

This, after all, hasn’t stopped folks from drawing corollaries.

Or from imagining what position the Babadook would possibly’ve performed within the march towards homosexual rights.

Or from imagining what different horror icons would possibly fly the rainbow.

After which there’s this, which someway combines the Babadook’s cultural resurfacing with the “one thicc bih” meme:

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