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Snoop Dogg, a wealthy man who likes to smoke weed, has unveiled a brand new line of bongs for different wealthy guys who prefer to smoke weed. Named POUNDS, presumably after the portions wherein its anticipated clientele purchases weed, as a result of they’re wealthy, this collaborative assortment from Well-known Brandz was reportedly “impressed by Snoop’s personal imaginative and prescient.” In Snoop’s literal pipe dream, he dared to think about smoking his marijuana out of a really costly bong. This fanciful reverie then grew to become actuality within the type of 5 separate handblown glass fashions resembling Star Wars droids who have been created expressly for the aim of sitting on Snoop Dogg’s espresso desk and watching The Avenging Disco Godfather on repeat. Snoop then had the foresight to cost between $129 and $279 apiece. And lo, Snoop Dogg’s imaginative and prescient did come to go.

Dubbed Battleship, Mothership, Rocketship, Spaceship, and Starship—after the truth that you will get stoned and smash them into one another making pretend laser sounds, since you’re wealthy and who cares—the 5 POUNDS bongs every boast completely different particular options like ice catchers, down-stem diffusers, and “triple-stacked honeycomb and turbine percolators” you could drone on about whereas your company wait so that you can go it already.

However no, you gained’t go it but. You’re a wealthy man who’s actually into weed, and also you want them to know that. You shelled out practically $300 for a flowery Snoop Dogg spaceman bong, so that they’re rattling properly going to take a seat there whilst you clarify why you opted for the inline ruffle percolator and bubble dome to make use of expressly with extracts, however that you just favor the barrel percolator for dry herbs due to the robustness of the clouds it produces. If they simply need to “smoke weed” like a gutter rat, they’ll go residence and make a pipe out of a crushed-up Budweiser.

“POUNDS is my means of providing and sharing a premium smoking expertise for any shoppers [who are rich enough to consider this an “investment” in their lifestyle, or who just don’t give a shit],” Snoop Dogg mentioned in an accompanying assertion. “Whether or not you’re into flower or oil [or simply sinking several hundred dollars into a status symbol that tells people you’re a better, more serious weed smoker than your friend who’s still using the Cartman bong they bought in college], POUNDS has the product for you.”

Ha ha, wealthy guys. Ridiculous! Anyway, I preserve weighing whether or not to purchase a type of $250 vaporizer bongs as a result of I’m an enormous hypocrite. Ought to I do it? I believe I ought to do it.

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