Star Wars: The Drive Awakens’ Title Truly Had A Double Which means

“There was an awakening. Have you ever felt it?” These have been the primary phrases uttered within the Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ teaser trailer, and as soon as the film was launched, we noticed Supreme Leader Snoke direct that question to his apprentice, Kylo Ren. Apart from being a not-so-subtle reference to how the 2015 Star Wars film marked the “reawakening” of this movie sequence after a decade away (not together with The Clone Wars animated film), the title was usually thought-about to be referring to Rey, as her Drive skills bubbled as much as the floor because the story progressed. Nonetheless, Adam Driver has now confirmed that the Drive Awakens title was additionally referring to Kylo Ren, as a result of in contrast to his well-known grandfather, he did not begin out being totally dedicated to the darkish aspect. Driver stated:

We discover Darth Vader already fully dedicated; I used to be interested by beginning with somebody who was much less collectively, who was beginning in a spot of self-doubt. The title of The Drive Awakens wasn’t simply referring to the sunshine aspect, it was the darkish aspect as effectively.

Adam Driver’s remark to Empire does make sense. Though the Star Wars prequels confirmed Anakin Skywalker’s development from the sunshine to the darkish, after we met Darth Vader in A New Hope, he was already all in on being a Sith Lord. Dropping your spouse, being encased in armor and imposing Emperor Palpatine’s will for practically 20 years could make one totally dedicated to the darkish aspect. In distinction, whereas Kylo Ren had already been serving Supreme Chief Snoke for a while in the beginning of The Drive Awakens, he hadn’t made the total soar but, as he was conflicted about whether or not or not he ought to proceed down this path. It was solely after killing his father, Han Solo, that he appeared to have resolved this emotional wrestle, therefore the awakening of the darkish aspect.

With Han Solo useless, you’d suppose that Kylo Ren’s journey in the direction of the darkish aspect is full, proper? Not essentially. Though the October trailer for Star Wars: The Final Jedi framed Kylo as contemplating destroying the ship carrying his mom, Leia Organa, Adam Driver has additionally beforehand stated that the character could expertise second thoughts about committing patricide. Even with The Final Jedi just a few weeks away, there’s nonetheless loads we do not find out about what’s in retailer for Kylo Ren. Perhaps he someway is pushed again into the sunshine and begins working in the direction of redemption. Perhaps he submerges himself additional into the darkish aspect, and Episode IX will mark his downfall. No matter his final destiny will likely be, at the very least The Drive Awakens set him on an intriguing private arc.

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The saga set in a galaxy far, far-off continues when Star Wars: The Last Jedi is launched on December 15. Remember to look by our 2017 premiere guide to see when the 12 months’s different remaining films come out.

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