SpongeBob Speedrunner Presents A Bounty To Glitch Hunters

Speedrunning could be a taxing pastime. It is not such as you simply pop in a sport, do your due diligence and break a file. It requires inspecting practically each single pixel of the sport to search out methods to take advantage of it in an effort to speedrun it to the very best of your skills. Effectively, within the case of SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman, one speedrunner is prepared to pay to discover a quicker manner.

Over on the Speedrun sub-Reddit, consumer Cosmeme has a publish up requesting the providers of glitch hunters, bug finders, and exploit examiners. There is a bounty totaling $100 for anybody who is ready to discover two particular glitches for the sport SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman, which is an previous 3D journey sport that got here out manner again in 2002 for the PS2 and GameCube.

The title, which was based mostly on the Nickelodeon cartoon, was like the standard sandbox journey title that was oh-so-popular again within the day, just like the GTA games on the PS2 and OG Xbox, or Star Fox Adventures or Super Mario Sunshine, or numerous different sandbox-oriented journey titles. Particularly, Cosmeme wants assist with two glitches, for which they had been prepared to pay $50 every for the glitch to the one that discovers mentioned glitches.

Whereas it’d look like a straightforward $100 to simply discover glitches, Cosmeme explains that they are on the lookout for very, very particular glitches in SpongeBob SquarePants. The primary glitch is to discover a approach to get the Reef Blower with out having to gather all 100 jellyfish from Jellyfish Fields. It is defined that accumulating all 100 jellyfish is tedious and boring and provides an excessive period of time to the play session. If there have been some approach to get the Reef Blower with out having to undergo the tedium of accumulating all of the jellyfish, it might scale back the time considerably.

The second glitch facilities across the Plankton Tile. The glitch required right here is to get the Plankton Tile with out having to finish all the steps needed for buying it, thus permitting gamers to succeed in the ultimate degree of the sport simply. The truth is, the idea is that the tile could also be saved within the statue or may very well be saved out of bounds.

In each situations, Cosmeme is just not in opposition to discovering glitches that may enable gamers to journey out of bounds to accumulate the Reef Blower or come up with the Plankton Tile with out going by means of all the needed steps to unlock both merchandise the conventional manner.

The primary goal right here is to search out glitches to bypass the steps that drastically slows down the speedrun course of for finishing ranges and reaching the tip of the sport.

Now Cosmeme is prepared to just accept nearly any and all measures for getting this stuff in any significant manner simply shy of dishonest. Even utilizing GameCube emulators just like the Dolphin are inspired to experiment and discover methods to get the tile and the blower.

Presumably, Cosmeme needs to ace SpongeBob SquarePants earlier than the following Games Done Quick occasion, which might enable for probably breaking a file whereas on stream.

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