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Let nobody say a comic can’t affect tradition. A brand new examine from psychology students at San Diego State and the College of Georgia have discovered that books have develop into more and more extra profane for the reason that 1950s, and that George Carlin’s well-known 1972 comedy routine “The Seven Phrases You Can By no means Say on Tv” is accountable.

The researchers used these seven phrases—shit, piss, fuck, cocksucker, motherfucker, tits, and cunt—because the crux for his or her examine, cross-referencing the phrases with American literature by way of Google Books to conclude that books are 28 instances extra naughty than they have been within the early 1950s. “Motherfucker,” for instance, was used 678 instances extra usually within the mid-2000s than it was within the outdated days, whereas “cocksucker” has additionally loved widespread proliferation. What’s curious, nonetheless, is using “cocksucker” peaked within the mid-90s and never through the run of Deadwood.

Take a look at this chart created by the researchers chronicling the rise of every of those soiled phrases:

Picture: Jean M. Twenge, Hannah VanLandingham and W. Keith Campbell/SAGE Open

One other fascinating conclusion of the examine is that this rise in verbal smut coincides with what the examine describes as “growing individualism” in tradition:

These findings recommend a notable decline in social taboos in opposition to swear phrases in keeping with earlier analysis discovering proof for growing individualism (e.g., Greenfield, 2013). American tradition more and more values particular person self-expression and weaker social taboos, and these tendencies are manifested within the growing use of swear phrases. If books mirror broader cultural tendencies, it means that different cultural merchandise reminiscent of films and TV reveals may additionally exhibit will increase in using swear phrases (a possible future matter for analysis; that mentioned, any will increase in swear phrases in broadcast media could also be confounded with the introduction of media not regulated by the Federal Communications Fee, reminiscent of premium cable and streaming video). General, these findings are in keeping with the statement that American tradition has develop into extra accepting of crude and coarse language.

The above quote additionally notes how swears are regulated in movie and TV, which is what makes literature such an acceptable vessel for this examine. Books, in any case, aren’t regulated in almost the identical methods, if in any respect. In the event that they have been, we wouldn’t have 50 Shades of Gray, now would we? Wait, would which were a great factor?

Nah, swearing is means too enjoyable.

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