See the modifications Disney made to Lilo & Sew after 9/11

The occasions of September 11, 2001 reverberated throughout each nook of the world. That included the movie business, which not solely started pumping out darker, bleaker movies in response to the occasions, but additionally started reconsidering what was applicable by way of leisure. One of many movies of the period affected most by the tragedy was Disney’s animated buddy comedy Lilo & Sew. As Vox breaks down in a brand new video, the movie initially included an prolonged sequence involving a crashing airplane, an enormous metropolis, and much and many tall buildings. By inserting scenes from the unreleased lower alongside what audiences noticed in theaters, you’ll be able to see why the movie wanted a heavy makeover earlier than launch. It’s an fascinating working example of the type of tonal shifts folks scrambled to make within the months and years to comply with.

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