Rushmore will get dazzlingly remade with an absolute horseshit soundtrack

Kentucker Audley has slowly been establishing himself because the movie world’s class clown, utilizing the downtime in between his personal appearing and filmmaking tasks to craft satirical video essays and crowdfund a hat that simply says “films.” His newest crime towards artwork is a reimagined model of Rushmore, one the place Wes Anderson had no say within the soundtrack and the studio was left to fill the film with the period’s hottest songs.

Brace your self.

Mark Mothersbaugh’s whimsical, finger-picked rating is usurped by the Spin Medical doctors within the opening credit. Max’s breadth of extracurriculars, so completely pegged to The Creation’s “Making Time”, is now underlaid by Smashmouth’s “All Star,” the herpes of ubiquitous ‘90s hits. Maybe most egregiously, nonetheless, is the track Reuben spins on vinyl throughout the movie’s closing tableau. We gained’t spoil it, however it’s not The Faces.

This all feels particularly flawed in Rushmore, not simply because Anderson and music supervisor Randall Poster’s soundtrack owns, however as a result of the tacky, candy-colored pop hits of the ‘90s utterly shatter the movie’s wistful, melancholy tone.

“What’s my age once more?” is a query Max very nicely could have requested himself, however, Christ Almighty, to not the opening chords of Blink 182. This factor is merciless.

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