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Again when Radiohead was teasing the announcement of OKNOTOK, its 20th anniversary remaster and rerelease of OK Laptop, the band posted a creepy, glitchy video that seemed like—and really nicely could have been—a program operating on a ZX Spectrum, an early private laptop that was vastly well-liked within the UK in the course of the ’80s. Because it seems, that trace was only a heat up for a good wilder Spectrum-related shock the band had up its sleeve. Purchasers of OKNOTOK’s $130 Boxed Version obtained a particular cassette tape that features demos, alternate takes, and audio snippets from the OK Laptop periods. The final two minutes of the tape are nothing however disagreeable digitized screeching, the identical form of noise the ZX Spectrum would decode by way of its tape-player and switch right into a program.

One enterprising Reddit person had a good friend run the recording by way of a three.5kHz low-pass filter and feed the consequence right into a ZX Spectrum emulation program. The found it was certainly a secret laptop program that had been embedded into the OK Laptop tape. After loading up, it informs you that the band members are “inside your property laptop” and dates this system 19th December 1996, devoted “with all our love.” After that, it performs a number of minutes of randomized visuals and sound. There’s additionally a hidden message throughout the hidden program, blacked out textual content that reads: “congratulations….you’ve discovered the key message syd lives hmmmm. We should always get out extra.”

[through Eurogamer]

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