Plugs in your ears, fish in a can, and that red-hot star within the sky

The solar’s corona, as seen by way of a polarizing filter, throughout a complete eclipse (Photograph: Roger Ressmeyer/Corbis/VCG/Getty Photographs)

The photo voltaic eclipse

You’ve in all probability seen information protection about Monday’s photo voltaic eclipse, and the corresponding locations throughout the USA that discover themselves locations for viewing the eclipse in its totality. Meaning the moon will fully cowl the solar—and its tenuous ambiance (the corona)—and will probably be a completely fucking superior factor to expertise. The photo voltaic eclipse falls on a diagonal line stretching from Lincoln Seashore, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina, however in case you can’t make it to a complete eclipse spot, you’ll nonetheless have the ability to see a partial eclipse from anyplace within the contiguous U.S. The longest length of the entire eclipse will probably be about two minutes and 40 seconds, close to Carbondale, Illinois. Guess the place I’ll be Monday? (I booked the Airbnb two years in the past.)

If you happen to’re fortunate sufficient to be at or touring to a complete eclipse location, be warned that some cities are projecting that their supermarkets will run out of meals and even gasoline stations will run out of gasoline. Plenty of these small cities don’t have the sources to host an enormous inflow of eclipse-viewers, so it’s a good suggestion to convey any provides you completely must have (e.g., espresso) and replenish on gasoline on the street, earlier than you arrive.

NASA is one of the best and actually solely supply you want to your photo voltaic eclipse info each scientific and sensible. The one factor it’s essential to keep in mind to take pleasure in your eclipse is to shield your eyes. NASA hyperlinks to this website of respected eclipse glasses manufacturers; see additionally on this web page details about libraries and NASA viewing places which might be giving out free glasses. Additionally know that trying on the eclipse by way of cameras, telescopes, and binoculars will fuck your eyes up in the event that they don’t have the right filters on them. (Right here’s extra info on that entrance.)

Reference the “The place Can You See It?” part of this web page for the time to view the eclipse. The moon will begin protecting the solar an hour or extra earlier than the totality hits, so get to your viewing spot effectively sufficient upfront as a way to take all of it in (by way of your protecting glasses!). It’s technically okay to take your glasses off throughout totality, however they have to be worn when the eclipse begins by way of when it ends. I plan on holding mine on the entire time, as a result of it’s actually not definitely worth the danger of completely damaging your eyes.

The subsequent eclipse doesn’t occur within the U.S. till 2024. There’ll be a pair extra in South America in 2019 and 2020, and one in Antarctica in 2021, however this one is going on Monday, and all you must do is go outdoors, and with just a little planning (AND GLASSES), you may expertise one in every of nature’s coolest occasions.

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Canned sardines

Photograph: Laura Adamczyk

Canned fish will get a foul rap. It’s not thought of as appetizing as contemporary fish, and tuna, particularly, can look (that disc-shaped can) and scent like cat meals. I perceive the criticism however encourage fish eaters to provide it one other shot; canned fish is economical and attractive, and it doesn’t take an entire lot of effort to raise it past tuna fish sandwiches. (I’ve made this tuna dip numerous occasions since chef Melissa Clark visited our workplace in March.) The opposite evening, wanting one thing simple for dinner however fancier than cheese and crackers, I grabbed a can of sardines. I made some pan con tomate, the Spanish tapa ready by toasting baguette slices, rubbing them with the lower facet of a tomato half, and drizzling olive oil and sprinkling salt over every slice. On high of every piece, I layered a piece of sardine (halved open, spine eliminated), a grape tomato slice, and a tear of basil. Then I drizzled just a little extra olive oil and sprinkled extra salt on high. The acidity and sweetness of the tomato paired properly with the delicate smoky, fish taste of the sardines, and the crisp bread added contrasting texture. Consuming these fish toasts alongside some manchego cheese, a number of olives, and/or a easy salad would make for a pleasant little Mediterranean meal, one which doesn’t require any cooking and which may sway you over to fish that is available in a can.

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Etymotic ER-20XS earplugs

Ever since my first membership present—Jesus Jones and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin at The Unicorn in Houston, August 29, 1991—left me with tinnitus for 3 lengthy days, I’ve been a faithful consumer of earplugs, typically to the consternation of my fellow followers. (“You’d higher take these out when Bob Mould will get onstage!” one man yelled at me earlier than Sugar at Mississippi Nights in 1994.) I’ve caught to varied types of foam earplugs, although if I had to decide on a favourite, I’d say the cylindrical Quiet! Please ones—blunt however efficient. Over time, although, the bluntness a part of that equation has irritated me extra; it tends to chop out increased frequencies and emphasize the low ones, which is why I’ve typically puzzled why the kick drum is so excessive within the combine at exhibits. It wasn’t, essentially, however my earplugs made it sound that means. I’m not fairly on the stage of going to an audiologist for custom-molded earplugs, so I attempted out Etymotic’s ER-20XS on the Pitchfork Music Competition final month. They carried out effectively, taking 20 decibels or so evenly off the sound, so I wasn’t left questioning why the kick was so excessive and the guitars so low. Etymotic has a graph spelling out the attenuation of froth earplugs to elucidate that phenomenon, however I used to be simply comfortable that the music didn’t sound muffled. I can’t purchase the Etymotics in a plastic bin filled with 80 pairs like Quiet! Please, so I’ll simply must watch out with these.

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