Our favourite Star Trek episodes of all time

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“In The Pale Moon Gentle” (1998) is one in every of my favourite episodes as a result of it completely turns the world of Star Trek on its head with an immoral choice that finally ends up working to the Federation’s benefit. 

The entire episode is advised by way of Capt. Benjamin Sisko’s private log. Sisko explains that, with the Dominion struggle going badly, the Federation wanted to discover a approach to get the Romulans on its facet. The Romulans are impartial at this level, and so Sisko devises a plan with Garak the Cardassian tailor to trick the Romulan’s most ardent Dominion backer to change to the Federation. The plan goes awry however not earlier than his ship mysteriously explodes. The proof of the explosion factors to the Dominion, and shortly the Romulans be a part of the struggle allied with the Federation.  However Capt. Sisko suspects it was Garak and violently confronts him. Garak admits his guilt, however tells Sisko it was a needed evil to get the Romulans to affix the Federation’s combat. 

Sisko, within the ultimate moments of the episode, is again to recording in his captain’s log about how blowing up the ship was flawed however how he agrees with Garak’s evaluation. 

In a break from what we would normally anticipate a Star Trek captain to suppose, Sisko admits he’d do it over again. What makes the second notably nice is that he then deletes the log, so no person will ever actually understand how issues unfolded.

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