One Loopy Strolling Useless Idea That Might Clarify Why Season eight Feels So Acquainted

The Strolling Useless is sort of midway by its eighth season on AMC, with solely a few episodes left earlier than we head right into a midseason break. Season eight has gone in some completely different instructions, not the least of which is how Rick and Co. are literally scoring some wins towards the Saviors. That stated, many followers have observed that quite a lot of components of the season up to now have been very… nicely, acquainted.

After all, any present that has been on the airwaves for the better part of a decade is certain to retread a few of the similar floor a couple of instances, particularly if it labored the primary time round. The rationale for the familiarity might merely be that the Strolling Useless group needed to stay with what they really feel labored particularly nicely beforehand. One other potential purpose is an entire lot crazier: what if the vast majority of Season eight up to now has really been Rick dreaming?

Bear with me. The concept is not that all the collection so far has been a coma dream from when Rick was shot within the line of responsibility method again within the collection premiere. That concept has been debunked by the showrunner, and the purple flags pointing to a possible dream are far more current than the early seasons. If the vast majority of Season eight has been a dream, Rick could not have been dreaming it for very lengthy, and there are undoubtedly ways in which it may make sense if it is solely a Season eight factor.

Here is the way it may work. Rick has been within the thick of quite a lot of motion in Season eight, and it is completely potential that he may have gotten knocked out chilly sooner or later, and the final a number of episodes have been his mind’s method of reinterpreting the occasions of his current life in a considerably extra constructive method. Alternately, he was impaled by a dirty spike in a junkyard on the finish of final season, which may have very simply led to an an infection that knocked him out with a dangerously excessive fever. Rick has a historical past of his thoughts taking part in tips on him after trauma; maybe he is dreaming/hallucinating in Season eight.

Assuming the dream concept is appropriate, there are massive indicators that Rick could not have began dreaming earlier than the start of Season eight. The narrative this season has had the forces of Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom united, and the Scavengers from the junkyard betrayed them. Glenn continues to be lifeless. Rick’s mind has processed current and present occasions; it might simply be placing a spin on them. The incident that theoretically knocked him into such a state of fiction should have occurred in one of many early episodes.

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A dream would clarify some issues that have not made an entire lot of sense recently. For one factor, there have been some components of Season eight that really feel too particularly acquainted to easily be recycled as a result of the writers thought they labored. The return of the “A” on the storage container during which Rick was trapped by Jadis and the Scavengers might be an indication of Rick’s mind sparking again to when the oldsters at Terminus trapped him and his buddies in a prepare automotive marked A. Admittedly, he wasn’t bare at Terminus, however assuming Daryl advised him what he endured whereas being tortured on the Sanctuary, his mind might have simply added the nakedness. His present state of undress within the storage include could also be a mix of the Terminus prepare automotive and Daryl’s torture tales.

Rosita appears to be caught in the identical temper mode that she was in for a big chunk of Season 7, which might be an indication that Rick is not formulating any new impressions of her. Daryl might be the angriest and most aggressive he is been in years. In truth, he is so indignant and aggressive — notably, even toward his bro Rick — that it might be a touch that Rick is associating present Daryl with the Daryl of days passed by. Then, there’s the truth that the great guys have been plotting towards the Saviors equally to how they did again once they went on their first ill-fated rampage towards Negan’s individuals. They’re discovering extra success this time round. Wishful considering from Rick’s unconscious?

A dream may excuse a few of the plot twists that have not really made an entire lot of sense in Season eight. The timeline from the very first episode has been complicated, and under no circumstances helped by the bizarre flash forward that itself has some main inconsistencies. How may Rick have seemingly aged twenty years or so when Carl and Michonne nonetheless regarded positive and Judith was nonetheless a bit lady? One thing must be off about that purported flash ahead.

If Rick is dreaming, we’d be capable to overlook all concerning the demise of poor Shiva, which was each tragic and considerably nonsensical. In any case, how may a bunch of rotting zombies rip aside a tiger? So far as I am involved, zombies eating Shiva was one of the vital unrealistic issues to occur ever on a present concerning the zombie apocalypse. Even Morales’ sudden reappearance would make extra sense if the occasions of Season eight weren’t really taking place. Perhaps Rick’s thoughts started complicated his personal timeline.

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There have additionally been some suspicious conveniences for Rick and Co. in Season eight. Whereas there was a serious massacre for the oldsters of the Kingdom and there have been another heartbreaking losses, not one of the main good guys/Rick’s closest mates have been killed. They occurred to search out some handy weapons. Though she admittedly wasn’t again at full badass standing, Michonne recovered from practically being overwhelmed to demise in a short time. Rick’s thoughts will surely slightly consider the lady he loves as wholesome.

If the midseason finale in a few weeks does function the reveal that Rick has been unconscious and out of fee for some time, a giant query that may have to be answered is when he went out. Siddiq might be going to be round for some time, which might imply that Rick was nonetheless awake when he encountered Siddiq within the season premiere. We’ll have to attend and see. There’s each likelihood that the inconsistencies in Season eight simply occur to be a part of the story this time round, however we’ll have to attend and see. We won’t rule out a dream at this level.

You’ll be able to catch new episodes of The Walking Dead on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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