One Flash Idea Might Clarify All The Weirdness In Season four

Watch out for spoilers beneath if you have not but watched The Flash’s midseason premiere, titled “The Trial of The Flash.”

Barry Allen is heading to a jail cell for the second time in Season four, and whereas some followers could also be frightened about what’ll occur to him in there, it is totally attainable that it does not matter what he goes by means of in Iron Heights. Why not? As a result of this actuality may not even exist. That is proper, I am positing the initially ridiculous idea that Barry by no means really escaped the Speed Force and that what we’re witnessing is definitely Barry’s extremely customized imprisonment.

We’ll go over the issues with this idea later, don’t fret, however let’s begin off with the Season 4 premiere, which launched a bearded and memory-muddled Barry Allen. Barry wasn’t capable of bear in mind a lot of what had happened to him contained in the Velocity Pressure, and he presently does not bear in mind the seemingly random phrases he uttered whereas drawing weird symbols over the partitions. (“This house is bitchin’” and the like.) That appears suspect. It has already been theorized that Barry skilled a continuing time-loop whereas contained in the Velocity Pressure, so what if that loop simply hasn’t really ended but?

The Velocity Pressure is not identified for inflicting its guests to neglect something, and the one time we have seen Barry lose his reminiscences occurred in Season three, when Staff Flash botched an try and thwart Savitar’s foreknowledge. However one of many issues that we do know in regards to the Velocity Pressure is that it does not react kindly to speedsters who distort timelines for their very own profit, and that its specific type of torture entails forcing its prisoners to relive by means of their worst moments. So what if Barry’s present actuality is simply the Velocity Pressure preying on his insecurities and his most tragic reminiscences by forcing him to reside them out in actual time?

Simply give it some thought: we watched Barry fail to win a trial and get sentenced to Iron Heights for a homicide he didn’t commit, which sounds very acquainted to one thing Barry has already lived by means of on the opposite aspect of the bars. His father Henry Allen suffered this destiny after Eobard Thawne killed Nora Allen, one thing that Barry tried to stop within the failed Flashpoint timeline. And if that connection appears arbitrary to you, let’s not neglect that The Flash really has Barry locked up within the exact same cell that Henry Allen was saved in, as discovered by means of the wall-carved message. That is too ridiculous to be actual, proper? Effectively, not on this present, however the coincidence continues to be mighty suspicious. Plus, the choose angrily depicted Barry as an immoral monster, which is not an inexpensive Barry description in any respect, particularly when he was simply sitting there the entire time. (Apart from when he left.)

barry allen in court

The idea of reliving previous occasions (and re-forgetting previous reminiscences) is not simply tethered to his life sentence, and I would level to his “Ladies Night time Out” drunken evening within the slammer as narrative foreshadowing. By Clifford DeVoe’s life story, audiences additionally relived the occasions behind the particle accelerator explosion, and usually, Season four has mirrored Season 1 in a number of methods, from the lightened tone to using the brand-new metahumans giving Central Metropolis issues. The creation of all these new metahumans, completely timed to Barry’s Velocity Pressure escape, additionally comes off as bizarre to me, because it’s principally the identical type of menace that Barry confronted when he first turned The Flash.

Which leads us to DeVoe, The Thinker, himself. A superb educator whose plans to additional evolve humanity are thwarted by his bodily degradation, DeVoe is principally the alternative of Barry, a bodily enhanced hero whose plans to maintain humanity protected are sometimes thwarted by his unhealthy choices. After three seasons of battling fast-footed baddies, certainly one of them even being a future model of himself, Barry is fairly locked into the concept that he is probably the most highly effective speedster within the multi-verse. So what higher strategy to usurp that confidence than to pit him in opposition to somebody who seemingly can’t be taken out by pace alone? Much like how issues have typically gone for Barry previously, every certainly one of his makes an attempt to shakedown DeVoe has resulted in Barry getting outsmarted, and often with public humiliation concerned. It is Barry’s worst nightmare, and likewise may clarify why The Thinker’s precise objectives are been hidden up to now.

Plus, would not or not it’s superior if that random lady from Barry and Iris’ marriage ceremony was certainly Barry and Iris’ speedster daughter from the longer term who found out a strategy to “break into” Barry’s Velocity Pressure scenario with a view to provide a clue about the right way to get out of it? I am unsure how saying “I do” to Iris would try this, however somebody can discover a means. That is not the one free thread right here, although.

Because it was beforehand hinted at, this isn’t a idea with out its personal inherent issues. If this is all one massive Velocity Pressure delusion meant to make Barry undergo, then why are viewers capable of see what Cisco and Harry are doing at any time when Barry is nowhere round? It will imply that Katee Sackhoff’s villain is not actual, and, it would not precisely clarify how the entire Earth-X crossover occurred, which may imply that Stein is not really lifeless. Though since that is The Flash, the Velocity Pressure presumably has the flexibility to reflect real-world occasions by means of the prism of Barry’s thoughts, Christmas Carol-style.

Suffice to say, if this idea finally ends up coming true, the writers will determine a strategy to clarify issues, and if the idea is not true, the writers will discover a strategy to clarify all of the weirdness talked about above. And so goes one other week of The Flash, certainly one of TV’s most fun-to-contemplate dramas.

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW at eight:00 p.m. ET, as adopted by the community’s latest ass-kicker, Black Lightning. Head to our 2018 Superhero TV schedule to see all the opposite powered programming coming quickly, after which bookmark our midseason premiere schedule for all of your different TV-viewing wants.

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