NASA sees Saturn moon’s loopy plume one final time

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Cassini sees the plume from Enceladus one final time.

NASA/JPL-Caltech/Area Science Institute

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will destroy itself in Saturn’s environment on Friday, however it already received one final fabulous have a look at the ringed planet’s moon Enceladus and the wild vapor plume spewing out from it. 

On Friday, NASA launched a film sequence taken by Cassini on Aug. 28. The ensuing GIF covers 14 hours and reveals the moon’s floor lit up at first after which fading into darkness. The plume emanates from beneath.

Cassini took a dive via the mysterious plume in 2015 so scientists may be taught extra in regards to the phenomenon. The plume is made up of water vapor and ice fed by a subsurface ocean. NASA describes Enceladus as “a promising lead in our seek for worlds the place life may exist.”

Cassini launched again in 1997 and is scheduled to plunge into Saturn’s environment later this week, marking the top of its epic mission spent learning Saturn, its rings and its many satellites. The spacecraft will proceed to ship again information and pictures up till its remaining moments.

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