NASA sees breathtaking clouds on Earth and past

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Cloud formations have lengthy stirred the human creativeness, main us to see fanciful figures of dragons and sheep. However some clouds, as seen by NASA satellites, astronauts and spacecraft, are simply as wild as something we may dream up. 

This may appear to be a closeup shot of a sheep, but it surely’s really a view of cloud vortices that shaped off Saint Helena Island within the South Atlantic Ocean in 2012. The picture comes from NASA’s Terra satellite tv for pc, which is accountable for delivering fairly a number of beautiful cloud images. 

NASA describes how this uncommon sample comes from the wind hanging the island’s mountains: “Because it blows across the island, the air spins on the leeward facet, very similar to a flowing river varieties eddies on the downriver facet of a piling. The spinning wind varieties intricate — and mathematically predictable — patterns.”

Caption by

Amanda Kooser

/ Picture by NASA/GSFC/Jeff Schmaltz/MODIS Land Speedy Response Crew

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