My Particular Aflac Duck robotic helps kids deal with most cancers

My Particular Aflac Duck received the 2018 CES Tech For A Higher World Award.

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At CES it is unattainable to not see a robotic. There are robots that stroll, ones that pour espresso and even one that may be a suitcase designed to observe you. However there’s one which stands above the remaining, or moderately below the remaining — about knee peak. It is a social robotic duck designed to assist kids going through most cancers. It is referred to as My Particular Aflac Duck.

Aflac is extensively identified for its zany commercials particularly these with a duck that quacks the corporate’s title. The insurance coverage firm additionally has an extended historical past of supporting households going through childhood most cancers and have spent over $120 million towards the trigger.

Aflac approached the well being and analysis firm Sproutel which made Jerry The Bear — a consolation companion robotic for teenagers with type-1 diabetes. The 2 firms sought to design a robotic consolation toy to assist youngsters being handled for most cancers.

Sproutel spent a yr exploring the journey that kids, households and medical professionals take as youngsters face most cancers and chemotherapy. These research and insights knowledgeable each the and conduct design of My Particular Aflac Duck. It is half toy, half robotic and half medical machine.

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Lovable ‘My Particular Aflac Duck’ helps youngsters going through most cancers


It has sensors that react to the touch, a microphone and lightweight sensor that adapt to completely different environments and alter the duck’s conduct. Once you maintain the duck, it’s extremely life-like with pure actions. It dances, nuzzles, and even has breath and heartbeat. Once you tickle its sides it quacks fortunately and waggles its head. Oh, and additionally it is extremely cuddly.

The cute duck provides kids management throughout a time once they seemingly have none. They turn out to be the duck’s caretaker and might feed and bathe the duck in addition to have it mirror their well being care routines and even obtain chemotherapy.

On the chest of the duck is a glowing E.T.-like mild the place youngsters can place one in every of a number of RFID-enabled “feeler playing cards” which have completely different emojis on them. Children resolve how the duck is feeling which is often a mirrored image of how they really feel. When a tragic card is touched to the duck’s chest, the duck droops its head and quacks sadly. A contented card makes the duck quack cheerfully and dance.


My Particular Aflac Duck can obtain chemotherapy making the therapy much less frighting for teenagers.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

The identical chest sensor has a chemotherapy PICC line attachment which lets youngsters witness their buddy undergo the identical therapy as them.

Every duck prices roughly $200 (round £150, AU$255), however Aflac will donate these robotic companions for free of charge to any kids newly identified with most cancers.

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