Kill Invoice Stunt Coordinator Says He Wasn't Consulted About Uma Thurman’s Crash

In an article from the New York Occasions that was revealed final week, Uma Thurman claimed that she was pressured by manufacturing and director Quentin Tarantino to participate in a automobile stunt that finally led to a crash and left her with a concussion whereas filming Kill Bill. Thurman alleges that the incident was lined up by the producers — which included Harvey Weinstein — and that the circumstances surrounding the occasion had been “negligent to the purpose of criminality.” Now, Keith Adams, the stunt coordinator for the movie, has now come ahead to state that he, and your entire stunt division, weren’t consulted concerning the stunt. In keeping with Adams…

No stunts of any type had been scheduled for the day of Ms. Thurman’s accident. The entire stunt division was placed on maintain and nobody from the stunt division was known as to set. At no level was I notified or consulted about Ms. Thurman driving a automobile on digital camera that day. Had I been concerned, I’d have insisted not solely on placing an expert driver behind the wheel but additionally guaranteeing that the automobile itself was roadworthy and secure.

In a press release despatched to The Hollywood Reporter, stunt coordinator Keith Adam says that there was not speculated to be a stunt on the schedule for the day and that nobody from the stunt division was current on set. Adam claims to haven’t been consulted or notified that Uma Thurman could be driving a automobile on digital camera, but when he had, he would have advisable an expert stunt driver and roadworthy car be used.

The Pulp Fiction star was allegedly pressured by Quentin Tarantino to get behind the wheel of a rattrap convertible and drive down a curved, sandy, Mexican highway at 40 mph. The car ended up crashing, leading to Thurman receiving a concussion and injury to her knees. In keeping with veteran stunt coordinator Andy Armstrong, the actress may have been decapitated and stated that it was irresponsibility on a “mega stage.” Ordinarily, most of these automobiles are known as “image automobiles,” i.e. automobiles that look good on digital camera however usually are not secure to drive in a stunt. Image automobiles are typically towed on flatbed “course of trailers” whereas being filmed, creating the phantasm that an actor is driving. Thurman described the automobile as a “dying field” in an interview with the New York Occasions.

Quentin Tarantino has since come ahead concerning the incident, noting that it was “one of many greatest regrets of my life.” In keeping with Tarantino, “nobody ever thought of it a stunt. It was simply driving.” Uma Thurman posted footage of the crash (which she writes was offered to her by Tarantino) to her Instagram, writing that whereas she doesn’t imagine there was “malicious intent” she blames the next cover-up on “Lawrence Bender, E. Bennett Walsh, and the infamous Harvey Weinstein.”

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