Jeremy Heiden’s ‘Blue Depraved’ album is on practically each audio format

Jeremy Heiden’s “Blue Depraved” blue vinyl set

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It is 2017, everyone’s streaming music so why is singer/songwriter Jeremy Heiden releasing his music on each format he can get his palms on? Is not it too late for that?

Certain, you may stream his music on Spotify and Tidal, however Jeremy Heiden’s “Blue Depraved” album can be out there on CD, LP, cassette, MiniDisc, Digital Compact Cassette, Elcaset, vinyl image disc and so many extra.

The man actually likes bodily codecs. I am with him, and searching again I am fascinated by the quantity and number of audio codecs which have vanished over time. The longevity of the LP and CD as common codecs nonetheless promoting tens of thousands and thousands of models every year effectively into the 21st streaming century is not any much less mindboggling.

Jeremy Heiden’s “Blue Depraved” album many codecs

Jeremy Heiden

Heiden designs the artwork for the packaging for every format of “Blue Depraved”; he and his producer Ralf Porankiewicz deal with the transfers and mastering. “Blue Depraved” is one thing of a best-of Jeremy Heiden assortment, a number of the tunes are 20 years outdated. The sooner tunes had been recorded on ADAT digital tape, later ones had been accomplished on Professional Instruments at 48 kHz/24 bit decision.

He likes actually obscure analog codecs like Elcaset, I forgot all about that one! It is a huge tape cartridge Sony thought would enchantment to people who needed the sound high quality of reel-to-reel tape, however in a smaller, extra handy form. It did not work, Elcaset was a catastrophe. Heiden identified that no file firms ever launched pre-recorded Elcasets, so “Blue Depraved” is the primary. I’ve had hands-on expertise with many of the different codecs, however I by no means noticed or heard an Elcaset. It is tremendous uncommon.

And he isn’t simply specializing in historic analog codecs, Heiden’s getting ready encompass mixes for DVD and Blu-ray. His affection for the MiniDisc recordable optical disc format runs deep, and he strives to make every format sound pretty much as good as doable. No marvel Heiden’s developed a small, however passionate following of insatiable format freaks. He takes enjoyment of researching codecs, monitoring down clean media and recording machines. It is a calling, he simply has to do it.

What about Eight-track stereo tape cartridges you ask? That format was massively common from the mid 1960s to early 1980s. Heiden’s on it, he has an Eight-track “Blue Depraved” scheduled for December launch, and there may even be one other Eight-track coming with a encompass combine! So I used to be hardly shocked 7 inch analog reel-to-reel tape “Blue Depraved” is within the works!

Jeremy Heiden

Daniel Anderson

Making an attempt to stump Heiden I requested, “What a couple of 78 RPM file?” and he did not flinch. He is open to any and all codecs, as a result of he simply loves the thought of getting his music on each conceivable format. Come to think about it, Jack White put out a ’78 a couple of years in the past, his affection for analog audio is well-known.

Heiden did not rule out an SACD, and he hasn’t but obtained any requests for “Blue Depraved” on the Digital Audio Tape cassette format, however he is able to do a couple of if individuals need ’em!

Heiden has 9 clients which have purchased “Blue Depraved” in each format, and he is perhaps the one artist who’s got down to do as many codecs as he can. It is suggestions from clients sharing Heiden’s love of obscure codecs that has fueled his ongoing search.

The one format that Heiden cannot think about getting out any time quickly is LaserDisc, however you by no means know. Clearly this is not a get wealthy fast scheme, he simply actually loves doing it.

Try Jeremy Heiden’s Website for extra details about his music and which codecs can be found now.

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