iPhone X? How do you pronounce that?

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Technically Incorrect affords a barely twisted tackle the tech that is taken over our lives.

“Hey, come meet my ex.”


So now we all know. 

Or, not less than, we predict we all know. 

Irish iPhone programming guru Steve Troughton-Smith now feels positive he has the names of the three telephones to be launched by Apple on Tuesday.

Ought to you might have had your fingers in your ears and your eyes completely shaded from the net for the previous few months, the concept is that there shall be two much less radical telephones, that includes (maybe) wi-fi charging and higher cameras, and another magical, revolutionary system that should be a giant departure from the previous.

Many thought these fashions can be known as the iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone eight. Which appeared a bit uninteresting.

Nonetheless, Troughton-Smith has now revealed that they’re going to (most likely) be known as the iPhone eight, iPhone eight Plus and — ta-da — the iPhone X.

That is one thing of a departure from the final rumor, which positively insisted that the most costly cellphone shall be known as the iPhone Version.

If it’s the iPhone X (an homage to the iPhone’s 10th anniversary), that also leaves one main and really thorny concern: How do you pronounce it?

We have been right here earlier than. Keep in mind when Mac OS X got here out? There was a lot consternation as as to if it ought to be pronounced Mac OS Ten or Mac OS Ex. 

It appeared to trigger virtually as many verbal fisticuffs because the GIF versus JIF debate. 

Personally, I all the time referred to it as Mac OS Ex. Which is why, if Troughton-Smith’s info is appropriate, I consider Apple will launch the iPhone Ex on Tuesday. I worry, although, that many will mount excessive horses and demand that is only a pithier means of claiming 10.

They will quote Steve Jobs, who was clear in announcing it “Mac OS 10.” (See video under.)

However actual folks will have a look at the title and see what they see. The phrase “iPhone” and the letter X. As a result of human minds are basically lazy, they’re going to due to this fact insist that is the iPhone Ex. 

Nobody ever thought that the X-Males could be the 10-Males, did they? Nobody ever watched “The X Issue” and insisted it was the “The 10 Issue.” And “X” has a robust thriller about it. We marvel on the “X-Information,” which have by no means been the “10-Information.” 

As for the drama-worthiness of 10, nicely, it is an previous Bo Derek romantic comedy.

Then once more, maybe Apple will create a complete advert marketing campaign concerning the pronunciation to make sure that everybody will get it “proper.”

Apple did not reply to a request for remark. 

I can see, although, many in chichi bars insisting that they’ve “a brand new Ex,” with their associates eyeing them quizzically and questioning what number of drinks they’ve downed.

Goodbye, house button? Prepare for the iPhone’s greatest change ever.

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