Inside an artist audiophile’s gorgeous New York Metropolis loft

At first look, the Lansche Audio four.1 appears like simply one other lovely high-end speaker, however nearer examination reveals a novel, extraordinarily high-tech function: a Corona Plasma tweeter. So relatively than make use of a metallic, diamond, or smooth dome tweeter, the Lansche Audio four.1’s tweeter has no bodily components to maneuver air; that activity is dealt with by the Corona Plasma tweeter. Its yellow-violet plasma flame produces the speaker’s treble by thrilling close by air molecules to vibrate, very similar to lightning causes thunder. The Lansche Audio four.1’s treble has gorgeous purity, and the twin 10-inch (254mm), 400-watt powered subwoofers per speaker generate deep bass. The burled poplar veneers are flawless.

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