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The variety of instances Andrea Warren (Andrea Savage) mentions podcasting within the early episodes of I’m Sorry feels acceptable. Sitting down at a microphone to yuk it up with likeminded humorous folks is among the best methods for a up to date comic like Andrea to get her title on the market—because it has been for her counterparts in different semi-autobiographical sitcoms like Crashing and Maron, the latter of which sprung from and revolved round Marc Maron’s rebirth through WTF. However not like these variations on the Curb Your Enthusiasm mannequin, I’m Sorry actually provides off the invitingly unfastened, chummy, riff-heavy vibe of a podcast. The informal camerawork—its handheld bobs and weaves one other nod towards Curb’s timeless affect—is sort of incidental. I’m Sorry is the single-cam comedy you possibly can hearken to; it’s a podcast you possibly can watch.

To downplay I’m Sorry’s visible parts can be to low cost the expressive mug of its star and creator, the face frozen half in amusement, half in terror that pops out from truTV’s promoting marketing campaign for the collection. Savage has been paying her dues for years in comedy circles, a Groundlings alumna making her mark with supporting roles in beloved initiatives: she’s Veep’s President Laura Montez, and the therapist trying to get Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly develop up in Step Brothers. I’m Sorry is a break akin to Judy Greer’s star flip Married, a “lastly” second for an actor who’s been solidly humorous in different roles which might be additional down the callsheet. (In a pleasing shock that additionally reopens the wound of Married’s untimely cancellation, Greer exhibits as much as play considered one of Andrea’s pals right here.)

But additionally like Married, there’s a slightness to I’m Sorry that’s each power and weak spot. It’s an eminently likable program, populated by different comedy ringers—Greer, Martin Mull, Jason Mantzoukas, Gary Anthony Williams, Nelson Franklin—who orbit Andrea and her husband, Mike (Tom Everett Scott). Early episodes set up Andrea’s means to dig herself a gap—whether or not she’s haggling over air-conditioner temperatures in a health class or trying to overcorrect her preschool-age daughter’s nascent racism—and carry on digging, however the issues are likely to result in a optimistic conclusion. It’s heartening to see a feminine character within the Larry David spot on a Curb Your Enthusiasm-style present, however that’s about the place the novelty of I’m Sorry’s method to the format ends. It follows the playbook effectively, although: I’m Sorry’s off-the-cuff exchanges won’t yield plenty of killer zingers, however Andrea’s fake pas pile as much as a satisfying payoff within the premiere episode.

Nonetheless, two recommendable attributes emerge throughout the 4 episodes screened for critics, each having to do with marriages at separate levels. Andrea and Mike’s relationship isn’t excellent, however after 10 years, they’re nonetheless plainly attracted to 1 one other—they’re Laura and Rob Petrie with TV-MA vocabularies. (Furthering the Dick Van Dyke Present parallels, Mantzoukas performs Buddy and Sally rolled in a single filthy-minded package deal as Andrea’s writing companion, Kyle.) And whereas it performs out largely within the background, there’s a thread involving Andrea’s divorced mother and father (Kathy Baker and Martin Mull) that looks like it’s heading to doubtlessly explosive territory later within the first season. Within the speedy, it’s a dependable supply for expressions of shock and dismay from Savage.

That’s I’m Sorry: Dependable, recommendable, satisfying, likable, constant. For all of the 2017 echoes it carries—that podcast vitality; the Peak TV setting that allowed the erstwhile Courtroom TV to pivot into the comedic programming that’s now truTV’s bread and butter—it carries a touch of the retro, when a TV present may very well be “simply adequate” and get by. It’s just a bit little bit of a letdown that Savage’s first main headlining undertaking is simply adequate. At the least she wrote some amusing materials for her and her pals.

Created by: Andrea Savage
Starring: Andrea Savage, Tom Everett Scott, Olive Petrucci, Jason Mantzoukas, Nelson Franklin, Martin Mull, Kathy Baker
Debuts: Wednesday, July 12, at 10 p.m. Japanese on truTV
Format: Single-camera comedy

4 episodes watched for assessment

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