Hilarious IT Meme Reveals Us Why He’s Known as Pennywise The Dancing Clown

The Web can flip something right into a joke. However the very best Web memes, those with actual potential to go viral, faucet into a simple gag that goes neglected, and taking it to the following step. Why, for instance, does Pennywise check with himself as Pennywise the Dancing Clown when he talks to Georgie from the sewer drain in the beginning of IT? Effectively, the Web took that as an project, and now provides us loads of hilarious examples of a dancing Pennywise:

In Andres Muschietti’s IT, which is a monster hit for Warner Bros., a gang of misfit children dubbed The Losers’ Membership should stare down their fears and confront the age-old evil that plagues their city… typically taking the form of a dancing clown named Pennywise (Invoice Skarsgard). And it is true that in considered one of his confrontation with Loser gal Beverly (Sophia Lillis), Pennywise does break right into a comical jig. However music cues are every thing in a horror film. I imply, simply have a look at how un-scary the demonic clown is when he is paired with, say, Taylor Swift:

Shake it off, Pennywise! Some songs work higher than others for this explicit meme. Some do not work in any respect. After which there’s “Hey Ya!” by OutKast, which — despite the fact that it got here out in 2003 — seems to have been written with Pennywise in thoughts. Possibly Andre 3000 has been to Derry?

IT has been one of many largest surprises of this Fall season. After The Darkish Tower, a special Stephen King adaptation, stumbled on the field workplace, few would have predicted that IT would reach such grand vogue. Nevertheless, IT is a neater film to market, and the phrase of mouth on the kids-in-peril thriller has been rock stable, resulting in a number of weeks at or near the top of the box office charts en path to a $478M world take (and counting).

Up subsequent can be IT Chapter 2, the place director Andy Muschietti will inform the story of the grownup Losers, reuniting 27 years after their preliminary encounter with Pennywise to face as much as the evil another time. That is the phase of Stephen King’s unique novel that went unadapted, leaving materials for a film sequel. And now that we all know audiences love the dancing Pennywise, possibly the sequel can embrace a musical quantity?

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