Ford invented a trucker cap that fights drowsy driving

Drowsy driving is harmful, particularly for truckers, who carry approach extra momentum as they journey down the freeway. In an effort to alert truckers when it may be time for a fast break, Ford put a detection system inside a trucker cap.

Ford Brazil’s heavy-truck division created the Protected Cap, which appears to be like like every other hat. Nonetheless, it is loaded with sensors and to fight drowsy driving. After figuring out habits that signaled drowsiness, Ford programmed its hat to select up on these cues utilizing an accelerometer and gyroscope.

The method for testing this hat should be fairly boring. “Simply sit right here and stare on the display screen till you begin falling asleep, please.”


Within the occasion a driver is drowsy, the cap will emit three several types of alerts. The hat can vibrate, make sounds and flash lights to alert the motive force when it is time to pull over, rise up and take somewhat break. The automaker spent eight months testing it with a choose group of drivers.

Drowsy driving will be as harmful as distracted or intoxicated driving. Response instances get slower, and a driver may even go to sleep on the wheel and lose management completely. This cover might definitely assist combat drowsy driving and, probably, save lives within the course of.

Nonetheless, Ford does not have any short- or medium-term plans to carry it to manufacturing. After testing, it will enter the patent and certification stage. Past that, Ford plans to share the Protected Cap with companions and clients who might ferry it to market. Irrespective of who will get it there, it might make the roads a bit safer, so this is hoping any individual follows by way of with it.

Within the occasion you communicate Portugese, this is a video explaining the idea:

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