For audio system or headphones, how a lot bass is sufficient?

Once I was a high-end audio salesman within the 1990s, bass was the elephant within the room. Audiophiles used to faux bass wasn’t the principle attraction — that was too lowbrow. We had been subtle individuals way more considering issues like transparency and a pure and pure midrange, however in the long run, whether or not they admitted it or not, feel-it-through-your-toes bass was an element. Intestine-wrenching bass clinched many a sale.

The JL Audio Fathom f113 13.5-inch subwoofer.

JL Audio

Humorous factor, for audiophiles, subwoofers had been a no-no. They had been too crude a tool, or possibly the affiliation with dwelling theater was a turn-off — subwoofers had been not often concerned. That is modified considerably through the years, however I nonetheless do not see too many high-end audio outlets promoting subs. All of them promote massive audio system, that is for positive!

As soon as you reside with a robust subwoofer or large floor-standing audio system you notice some recordings have bass bumps, rumbles and thumps that go unheard over most audio system, however these unintended noises might be troublesome. That is very true for 1960s by means of 1980s recordings when the engineers had been unaware of all the issues within the ultra-deep bass components of the combo.

After all, at the moment’s large floor-standing audio system simply ship deep, satisfying rumble, however extremely sufficient some small audio system in small rooms may muster severe bass. Within the 1980s one in all my closest audio buddies had a set of Linn Kan audio system braced up in opposition to a wall that produced deep, very tuneful bass. Most individuals once they heard these tiny tots began on the lookout for the sub within the room — there was none.

Bass definition was an enormous draw for me, much more than bass energy. The feel and palpability of bass was what I needed. I am not alone on that rating — a number of audiophiles favor bass high quality over feel-it-in-your-gut bass. Then once more, some crave pounding bass, however cannot go there out of respect for his or her neighbors or household.

Which brings us to bass over headphones — that is a really totally different factor. First, and principally as a result of it is all in your head, a number of people miss the entire physique sensation of bass. I agree, however at its finest, headphone bass is clearer, higher outlined and extra articulate than speaker or subwoofer bass. I am not speaking about muddy or boomy headphone bass — these are simply low-cost thrills — however strong low bass response from in-ear or over-the-ear ‘telephones has its personal satisfactions.

What do you suppose? How does bass affect your selection of headphones or audio system? Let me know within the feedback.

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