Bioware's Thought For Knights Of The Outdated Republic 2 Would Have Been Superb

Players universally love Knights of the Outdated Republic, the outdated action-RPG for PC and the OG Xbox from BioWare and LucasArts. The sport obtained a sequel from Obsidian Leisure, however what if BioWare had finished the sequel as an alternative? Properly, we lastly discovered what kind of story the builders would have pursued for Knights of the Outdated Republic 2.

Eurogamer managed to talk with the unique lead designer on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, James Ohlen, who was working with BioWare on the traditional action-RPG. Ohlen defined…

The preliminary twist within the first two-page idea we had for Knights of the Outdated Republic 2 was you had been going to be skilled by a Yoda-like determine, somebody from the Yoda race. That character was going to coach you within the first a part of the sport however you then had been going to find this Yoda determine was truly not the nice Yoda you anticipated…He was coaching you to primarily be his enforcer, a Darkish Lord to overcome the universe, and he was going to change into the primary villain.

I am certain some players is likely to be saying “Wait, is not that type of the inverse of what occurred with the unique Knights of the Outdated Republic?” In a method, it is true that the sequel does appear to tread on acquainted territory, however on the similar time it is also fairly totally different.

Revan and Malak had been skilled as Jedi after which finally turned to the Darkish Aspect, turning into extraordinarily highly effective and a large risk to the galaxy after amassing their very own fleet. The large twist was that Malak betrayed Revan, and the latter had suffered from amnesia. Revan grew to become good once more after being retrieved by Republic forces.

What it appears like is that, for the sequel, BioWare would have had gamers taking over the position of one other Jedi apprentice, solely this time as an alternative of the apprentice rising up and betraying the Jedi Knights, the coach would change into evil.

So, why did not this recreation come to fruition? Properly, all of it boiled right down to licensing.

Whenever you’re making licensed merchandise primarily based on different properties all of the royalties and residuals return to the license holders. BioWare needed to create its personal properties, therefore everybody who would have been engaged on KOTOR 2 was moved over to work on one other blockbuster franchise: Mass Impact.

James Ohlen took his experience and started fleshing out the Dragon Age model whereas Obsidian took on the duty of creating KOTOR 2.

Each Mass Impact and Dragon Age went on to change into top-selling franchises for BioWare underneath the Digital Arts publishing label.

And, although Mass Effect: Andromeda resulted in a misstep for BioWare, the corporate is again to engaged on its very personal IP within the type of Anthem.

In fact, this nonetheless does not assuage the wants of Star Wars followers who’ve been craving for an additional entry within the Knights of the Old Republic saga. For now, these followers should choose getting their fill from the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, which nonetheless comprises the story-oriented components that made the collection common within the first place.

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