Billy Corgan is fairly certain he noticed a shapeshifter as soon as 

(Photograph: Getty Photos, Kevin Winter)

William Patrick Corgan, the grownup man who not needs to be referred to as Billy, isn’t any stranger to run-ins with mysterious figures that defy all clarification. Final yr, he appeared on Infowars and encountered the rage-filled, chili-devouring hell-beast recognized solely as “Alex Jones,” and this week he visited the Howard Stern Present and revealed that he in all probability noticed some sort of shapeshifter as soon as. Sadly, if in case you have no concept what meaning and would love some extra data, Corgan wasn’t actually prepared to offer any.

This comes from Spin, which experiences that Corgan stated he “was not [on drugs]” and “was completely sober,” and all he is aware of that he noticed somebody bear a “transformation” that he can’t clarify. “Think about you’re doing one thing and immediately you flip round and there’s any individual else standing there,” he stated, including that he’d “reasonably not go into particulars.” Stern requested if questioned the shapeshifter about why they remodeled, and Corgan says he did and “they acknowledged it,” however they wouldn’t say something about what they have been doing.


Mainly, Corgan noticed an individual flip into a completely completely different individual, and when he confronted them about it, they admitted that it did occur however gave him a “don’t fear about it” when he requested why. It will be impolite to counsel that he made any of this up, although, so the one risk is that Corgan actually did make contact with some sort of supernatural shapeshifter. That also leaves us at midnight as to what this shapeshifter needed or why it risked altering it kind proper in entrance of Billy Corgan (of all individuals), however possibly it was getting ready for some sort of secret invasion of alien shapeshifters. That may very well be enjoyable.

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