August’s Professional lock provides smarts, however we’re not offered – Video

The $270 Good Lock Professional seems strikingly much like the extra inexpensive second gen, August SmartLock.
So what precisely set’s the Professional aside?
To your cash, you get the lock, this time with Z-Wave, along with the usual bluetooth, a spouse join module, and Sense.
Door sense is by far my favourite August improve and one thing I am stunned I have never seen earlier than.
It is primarily a door window sensor with one half of the sensor constructed into the log and the opposite half as an adjunct you mount on the door body.
After you configured DoorSense within the app you may not solely have the ability to see if the door is locked or unlocked but additionally if the door is open or closed.
Nonetheless I am not fully offered on the professional, for those who wanna purchase it in shops you need to get it bundled with the join accent which is just one thing you want for those who wanna management your lock outdoors of Bluetooth vary And weirdly, for those who wanna purchase the lock alone, with out the join module, you need to undergo authorized skilled sellers.
There isn’t any retail model of the Professional that is offered as a standalone product.
So must you purchase this factor?
For me, the worth actually is not there until you need that Z-Wave radio.

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