Arrow Simply Delivered One other Large Dying, And Star Metropolis Might Be Completely Screwed

Spoilers forward for Episode 13 of Arrow Season 6, referred to as “The Satan’s Biggest Trick.”

Season 6 of Arrow has been a bloody mess for Staff Arrow. Evil mastermind Cayden James focused Oliver attributable to his mistaken perception that Oliver had killed his son, and he gathered a whole team of bad guys. Staff Arrow was break up in two, their mole inside Cayden’s crew was murdered, and Dinah was on a quest for revenge. Within the earlier episode, Authentic Staff Arrow discovered how Oliver had been framed for Cayden’s son’s homicide. Effectively, the excellent news in “The Satan’s Biggest Trick” is that Staff Arrow managed to persuade Cayden he was mistaken. The unhealthy information is it seems that Cayden James is not actually the supervillain of Season 6. The true huge unhealthy man is none aside from Ricardo Diaz, who ended the episode by executing Cayden James, taking on, and just about screwing over Star Metropolis. R.I.P. Cayden James.

Arrow spent virtually your complete episode taking part in up Cayden James as the person to cease, even after it was revealed that James had been set as much as goal Oliver by a traitor inside his personal ranks. In any case, James was the man with the large bomb, and he needed to be stopped. Oliver did handle to take him down, though not earlier than Black Siren, Anatoly, and Ricardo Diaz managed to flee Authentic Staff Arrow and Staff Arrow-less (a.ok.a., Dinah, Rene, and Curtis). Cayden was surprisingly docile as soon as he was taken into custody, handing over data which may result in the places of his former allies and the checking account quantity for all of the funds he took from Star Metropolis. His solely request was to be allowed to go to his son’s grave, which Oliver agreed to rearrange.

The twist got here when Ricardo Diaz entered Cayden James’ room and confessed the horrible fact: he’d had a plan of his personal for your complete time that he was pretending to play second fiddle on the villain group. Diaz took benefit of James’ vanity and single-minded obsession with taking out the Inexperienced Arrow, utilizing James to place Star Metropolis on the verge of falling aside after which turning on him. In line with Diaz, why destroy a metropolis when you’ll be able to take it over?

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Star Metropolis was mainly a wreck within the aftermath of all Cayden James’ assaults on the town. Town’s expertise was broken and untrustworthy, the folks had been terrified after being trapped in Star Metropolis below the fixed menace of being blown to smithereens by way of bomb, and a outstanding member of the police pressure died. All Ricardo Diaz needed to do was kill Cayden James, and Star Metropolis was mainly his for the taking. Already by the top of “The Satan’s Biggest Trick,” Diaz was in a position to stroll proper into police headquarters in broad daylight as a result of he’d paid off the brand new police captain in addition to key members of the native authorities.

There aren’t many individuals who might be able to cease him. The police pressure has clearly been compromised, and Quentin went rogue and rescued a wounded Black Siren to try to rehabilitate her into Laurel. Beneath regular circumstances, Authentic Staff Arrow might in all probability maintain their very own towards Diaz all by their lonesome, provided that they managed to carry off comparable (though smaller-time) criminals again within the early days of Arrow.

Sadly, the promo for the subsequent episode reveals that Authentic Staff Arrow and Staff Arrow-less will probably be bodily combating one another, which… shouldn’t be what ought to occur on the present with probably the most skilled superhero in the Arrow-verse. Oddly sufficient, Anatoly might turn into an ally in taking down Diaz. Whereas there’s clearly a number of unhealthy blood between him and Oliver, he has a superb motive to need to go after Diaz. Maybe Oliver and Anatoly might group up lengthy sufficient to strike a blow towards Diaz.

Within the meantime, Ricardo Diaz has the means, the motivation, and the insanity to strengthen his grip on Star Metropolis. We will solely hope that the great guys cease combating with one another earlier than Star Metropolis is completely and irreversibly screwed.

Arrow airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. If you happen to’re nonetheless out there for brand new exhibits now and within the coming weeks, make sure you swing by our midseason TV premiere guide.

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