All of the methods the White Walkers will get across the Wall

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If you’ve been displaying your viewers a 900-foot magical wall of ice for seven seasons, all whereas consistently speaking about a military of the useless marching on it, that factor has to return down ultimately. It’s a basic instance of Chekhov’s wall.

That’s why Recreation Of Thrones’ viewers have spent years theorizing alternative ways the White Walkers would possibly make it previous the Seven Kingdoms’ largest line of protection, a debate that simply received rocked by an enormous ole ice javelin. As a result of now that the Night time King has his personal dragon, he appears to have new choices to get by the Wall, regardless of its magical protections, spells, and charms that Benjen “Coldhands” Stark instructed Bran and Meera have to this point prevented the useless from passing by way of.

So earlier than Sunday’s season-seven finale, listed here are the methods we predict the White Walkers would possibly lastly make their means into Westeros, from essentially the most believable strategies to the least.

Viserion will soften it.

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Westerosi legends inform of ice dragons whose chilly breath freezes males as shortly as dragonflame melts them, however there are not any tales of fire-breathing dragons being raised by the Night time King. We don’t know what to anticipate when the most recent member of the White Walkers military opens his large mouth. Will hearth come out or ice?

If the wight Viserion nonetheless breathes hearth (particularly if it’s blue—that’s the most popular a part of a flame!), that would imply the Night time King can overlook about going over or across the Wall; he can merely command his dragon to soften a gap in it. Dragons are tied to magic—they’re doubtless magical themselves—which may overcome the spells which can be within the Wall.

This goes proper to the highest, as a result of what’s the purpose of giving the Night time King a dragon if he can’t use it for his largest downside?

The Night time King will fly over it on Viserion, destroying the Wall’s protecting magic.

If Viserion breathes ice and never hearth, the Night time King would possibly use him to fly over the Wall with out ever having to the touch it, an choice the Wall’s builders by no means may have envisioned. As soon as he makes it over, which may remove the magic that has stored the useless from passing by way of, permitting the wights to climb it just like the wildlings, sail round on the ocean, or march by way of a tunnel or gap.

If when the useless lastly get to the Wall we see a wight or White Walker contact it and explode, that is what we’ll anticipate to occur.

Picture: Vladimir Furdik/HBO

The Night time King’s “mark” on Bran nonetheless works, so the White Walkers can go by way of already.

The White Walkers had been capable of get previous the magic of the Three-Eyed Raven’s lair after the Night time King touched Bran in a imaginative and prescient. That “branding” nullified the particular charms maintaining them out, however was it greater than a one-time deal? Now that Bran is in Winterfell, does that imply the Night time King can nonetheless observe? It makes lots of sense story-wise, particularly the half the place Bran has been utterly ineffective this season.

In fact, they’d nonetheless have to beat the bodily safety of the Wall, however they’ll simply break by way of one in all its many tunnels. We noticed throughout the Battle Of Fort Black that giants are sturdy sufficient to carry the heavy gates, and the Night time King has no less than three useless giants with him. They’ll choose it up, permitting the remainder of the wights to go by way of with ease.

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They’ll stroll round it on the frozen seas close to Eastwatch.

As a result of Recreation Of Thrones followers don’t miss a beat, sharp-eyed viewers observed that this season’s opening credit continued the sample of constructing the ice close to the Wall larger and wider, together with what appears to be like just like the Shivering Sea freezing over close to Eastwatch.

Is that why the White Walkers had been headed there? Is the answer to getting previous the Wall’s magic as straightforward as going round it? There may be actual proof for this, however it could be traditionally lame, as if the White Walkers received by on a technicality. You shouldn’t be capable of defeat magic by loophole.

That was true earlier than the Night time King had a dragon, however it could be much more disappointing now.

They’ll climb over it (with these silly chains) or make a wight ramp, à la World Conflict Z.

We’re placing these collectively as a result of they’re comparable. Now that we all know the Night time King has a limitless Dwelling Depot bank card, perhaps the large chains he received there to tug Viserion from the lake can be utilized to go over the Wall. Viserion can fly up and drop the chains on the prime, and the wights can climb up and over.

Or perhaps one of many causes the White Walkers wanted such an enormous military was as a result of they’re planning to make use of their large numbers to kind a ramp out of their our bodies. We’ve got seen the wights throw themselves off cliffs, and so they began to climb on each other to get to the highest of that conveniently positioned rock throughout the frozen-lake battle.

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Going over the magical Wall (with out a dragon) is as lame as going round it, however both of those strategies could be aesthetically superior to see—there’s simply little proof both will occur.

The present will abruptly keep in mind concerning the Horn Of Joramun.

The preferred principle from the novels includes the famed Horn Of Winter, also called the Horn Of Joramun. Joramun was the King-Past-The-Wall who joined forces with the Stark King Of Winter to defeat the notorious Lord Commander often called the Night time’s King.

The Night time’s King left his put up to be with somebody who seems like a White Walker girl, and the 2 reigned for 13 years from the Nightfort till they had been stopped.

Joramun has a deep connection to occasions on the Wall, which provides extra credence to the legend that claims his horn will convey down your entire Wall if blown. The books have talked about it rather a lot, however the present by no means has. The closest we received was Sam discovering an outdated horn in that bag of dragonglass on the Fist Of The First Males, but it surely was by no means introduced up once more.

Picture: HBO

The one factor worse than the present forgetting concerning the Horn Of Joramun could be to abruptly introduce it as a deus ex machina now. Though, this season has been keen on doing simply that, so this may be extra believable than we wish.

They received’t.

They’ll. The White Walkers are getting previous the Wall this week.

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