Accent knowledgeable verifies that Natalie Portman did a freaky good job emulating Jackie Kennedy

Picture: Fox Searchlight

Erik Singer is one in every of this nation’s foremost specialists in dialects and accents, so now and again Wired brings him in to research the performances of actors taking over voices aside from their very own. The newest version is likely to be probably the most fascinating, as Singer spends a half hour evaluating and contrasting performances primarily based on actual individuals. Within the video, footage of the actors is juxtaposed alongside these they’re portraying as Singer enlightens us as to only how on level their impression is.

A number of the standouts? Jamie Foxx’s Ray Charles, Singer factors out, seamlessly embodies Charles’ distinctive tic of his lips pulling again towards his ears, even when he’s not smiling. This small element has an excellent impact on Foxx’s efficiency, from his facial expressions to his vocal mannerisms. Singer additionally praises the best way Meryl Streep makes use of Julia Youngster’s voice to convey the well-known chef’s infectious sense of pleasure in Julie & Julia, in addition to Daniel Day-Lewis’ Abraham Lincoln, which is very spectacular contemplating he created a plausible, immersive vocal tone and cadence primarily based solely on descriptions of Lincoln’s voice.

One of the spectacular performances to listen to alongside its supply is Natalie Portman’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis from final yr’s Jackie. Portman nails not solely the distinctive pitch of Onassis’ voice but in addition the refined inflections and breathy catches embedded in her speech. It’s clearly a deeply studied efficiency.

Singer additionally notes some performances that, whereas nonetheless good, are much less profitable by way of capturing the specificities of an individual. Jesse Eisenberg was fairly clearly simply enjoying Mark Zuckerberg as Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Community, whereas Singer notes that the one actual inconsistency with Jamal Woolard’s flip as Biggie in Infamous is that he pronounces his S’s together with his tongue touching the highest of his mouth, versus the underside, the place Biggie pronounces his. It’s intricate stuff.

Right here’s hoping he updates the video after James Franco’s The Catastrophe Artist comes out. The legendarily bizarre Tommy Wiseau is likely to be the hardest impression of all of them.

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