A documentary that can attempt to clarify Eyes Extensive Shut is within the works

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Stanley Kubrick films are normally broadly beloved and critically acclaimed, however they’re additionally often bizarre and complicated. Eyes Extensive Shut particularly is famously bizarre and complicated, and now filmmaker Tony Zierra—the director behind Filmworker, which is about Kubrick’s assistant Leon Vitali—has informed Selection that his subsequent challenge might be a documentary devoted to attempting to make sense out of Eyes Extensive Shut. “Many individuals ‘simply don’t get it,” he tells Selection, including, “It is not sensible to them. The casting doesn’t make any sense to them. The story doesn’t make any sense to them.”

Eyes Extensive Shut stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and although it contains numerous twists and turns, it’s largely about Cruise’s unusual adventures in and round a mysterious and unique orgy. Kubrick died whereas the film was in post-production, including to the truth that lots of people didn’t actually know what to make of it when it got here out. Zierra’s movie—at the moment titled SK13 as Eyes Extensive Shut was Kubrick’s 13th film—will hopefully clarify among the nuances of these unusual adventures and shed some mild on what all of it means, however hopefully it’ll do it with out descending into inexplicably boring conspiracy theories like that different documentary that attempted to elucidate a Kubrick film.

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