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Ideas on, and a spot to debate, the plot factors we are able to’t reveal in our review.

Whereas Lisa and Kate go about fixing their numerous issues, a unique type of drawback happens to the viewer, who can’t assist however discover that each ladies are as a consequence of run out of oxygen earlier than the film is even half over. Finally, Modine’s captain sends down alternative tanks, saving their lives on the final minute. Why didn’t he simply try this instantly? As a result of he was fearful that switching tanks may induce nitrogen narcosis. In keeping with Wikipedia, that is “a reversible alteration in consciousness that happens whereas diving at depth” and can lead to “the impairment of judgment, multi-tasking and coordination, and the lack of decision-making potential and focus.” Different signs embrace “visible or auditory disturbances,” and the captain warns the ladies to control one another, searching for indicators of bizarre conduct. As I famous within the evaluate, any savvy viewer will tuck that admonition away for possible future reference.

And I used to be fairly positive that I’d recognized the narcosis second. About an hour into the movie, Kate seems to be fatally chomped by a shark, with Lisa, who’s nonetheless trapped within the cage (her leg will get caught when the cage is hoisted by a alternative winch after which that winch breaks as nicely), watching in horror. When Lisa subsequently makes contact by way of their intercom system or no matter it’s (I’ve by no means performed any skin-diving), I assumed that was akin to George Clooney displaying up once more towards the top of Gravity, and waited for Lisa to snap out of it and understand she’d been hallucinating her sister’s voice. However then Lisa frees herself from the cage, and finds Kate, badly wounded, and so they swim to the floor, fending off sharks with flares (that includes a variation on the time-honored bit by which the hero takes a flash photograph or lights a match and OMG THE SCARY THING IS RIGHT THERE INCHES AWAY), pausing to keep away from the bends, and there are frenzied shark assaults as they attain the floor, and Lisa apparently escapes from a shark’s mouth by gouging out one among its eyes, okay positive, and all of this takes a very long time, like, an excellent third of the film, and at last, as each ladies lie battered however alive on the deck of the boat, wait a minute, issues look hazy, the captain’s voice rings with static, and instantly we’re again within the cage at 47 meters and Lisa remains to be trapped, and it seems she hallucinated the complete third act of the film. Which is admittedly sort of a daring reversion to stark realism (particularly since Kate seemingly did get eaten by a shark), however I’m pretty assured that whereas nitrogen narcosis may trigger you to see one thing that’s not likely there, it doesn’t trigger you to dream up detailed, prolonged motion sequences, full with bounce scares and a false lull.

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